WW 817: The Moment of Confusion

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I have never experienced the new Microsoft Store app run as smoothly as it did in your VM Leo. Definitely something to be said for the simplicity of the ARM instruction set for lightweight consumer-ish programs like those.

Regarding the Twitter 2FA discussion, I always tell people my primary aversion to companies using my tel number for auth comes from the fact that Twitter “accidentally” sold numbers registered with them for 2FA to advertisers years back. What a massive breach of trust.

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I’ve really enjoyed the new co-host overall, but I’m really disappointed in the change of direction towards covering the programming/coding side of things more. What I loved about this show was that it took the same kind of angle on tech that the in-person Ignite conferences did - talking to the millions of us out there who are SysAdmins first (whether server, endpoint, or just “one-person IT shop” types), when so many shows and website either go hard to the casual/consumer side of tech, or to the programmer side. TWiET certainly hits on the enterprise angle well, and there’s plenty of room for SysAdmins there. But I thought what Windows Weekly did in covering the everyday aspect of Microsoft Tech - both personal and professional, Xbox and Windows/Teams/M365, was useful to a huge swath of people that was underserved. I hope the turn to “what is this written in” and such is not a permanent change in tone for this show.

The usefulness of what it was is the thing that actually got me to join Club TWiT. If it becomes “Windows Programming Weekly”, it’d probably be the main reason I cancelled, as I could no longer justify it as a “continuing education for my job” kind of expense.

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This week was more developer focused than usual. Rich has plenty of Sysadmin/Enterprise experience and has done a great job bringing those elements in. Stay tuned!