WW 712: Paul's Mood Board

Beep boop - this is a robot. A new show has been posted to TWiT…

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@Leo , @PDelahanty have you changed trackers again? Windows Weekly failed to download again this week. I whitelisted the trackers that Leo mentioned last time there were problems and it has been working fine, but it failed again today…

Please, Leo, if you are going to change trackers, can you please give out this information in advance, so that we can deal with it and not sit around getting annoyed, because the podcast app says that the new episode is there, but then fails to download it.

We haven’t changed any trackers lately. Windows Weekly was added to Megaphone last week, but we’ve used that on some other shows for about a year now.

The download is working for me:

Yes, when I went outside and it switched to mobile data, the podcast downloaded.

I habe around 2.5 million tracking and malware sites blocked at the DNS level and I whitelisted those that Leo mentioned last time…

Edit: Interestingly, TWiG just downloaded without any errors over wi-fi. I’ll keep an eye on it next week, in case it was a hiccup with the megaphone server at the time I tried to download.

My podcast app(Podcast Republic) shows WW 712 but reports the download failed: “URL could not be found”. First time I’ve seen that error. Using an Android 8.0 phone on WiFi, no blockers or restrictions in the network.

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Yes, this was the error I got. When I switched to mobile data, it worked.

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I just tried turning off WiFi which should switch to mobile data, and it failed with the same error. I can confirm that the “4G” indicator was showing in the status bar through several failed download attempts. Back on WiFi now, still the same error.
Edit: to confirm mobile data was working, I switched off WiFi, checked “4G” in status bar, downloaded the TWiT homepage in the browser, switched to the podcast program, confirmed still on 4G, requested download and got the URL error again.

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Sounds like maybe Megaphone are having problems today.

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Grrrr. Sorry about that. We’ve moved all audio shows to Megaphone, which means when there are unsold ad units Megaphone will insert an ad of its own.

It also means, unfortunately, we have to use Megaphone’s servers which are not as reliable as Cachefly, apparently.

Megaphone does not support video, so video versions should work as always.

That would explain why audio downloads have become slower recently. I thought it was just me.

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This episode has me interested in Pinterest; I’m not sure exactly what for, but my interest is piqued. :joy:

Still unable to download this episode: same error as before.

Working on the assumption that the podcast player picked up an invalid URL, I deleted it from my download queue, then went to my subscriptions and re-requested the episode. Now it works! :grin:

Which podcast app do you use? Pocket Cast always seems to work for me w/o issues.

I was using Pocket Casts.

I was wondering why it seem so many where having trouble with the download as mine has been and downloaded just fine. But I suppose if they are listening to the audio over the video then that makes since. I primarily listen over watching the show but I always download the video version. I use pocketcast on my iPhone, Mac, & Windows Computer and will pick up whatever podcast I’m listening to on the next device I pick up. Usually if on Mac or PC I keep it as a small PIP screen on my computer and glance at it occasionally. Also love when they show off cool stuff. I don’t have to try and time track it so I can go look at it on Youtube later. Wish First ring daily allowed me to download video but thats audio only through pocketcast. If I want to watch the video feed I have to go to youtube for that.

I see what Paul’s saying about the weird aversion to paying for stuff online.

I think in the specific case of Lastpass, its about losing features that we previously had access to. Not saying that services offered aren’t worth the cost, it just hurts more when things are taken away after being provided for free.

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It’s the free hit of cocaine in the school playground, after you are hooked, you have to pay…

I’ve been a LastPass Pro user for over half a decade, but the service has been becoming less reliable recently. Although this doesn’t affect me directly, this, plus the addition of multiple trackers in the software have led me to jump ship.

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