WW 650: Mary Jo in 3D

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I am new to TWIT (Lastpass) community. Windows Weekly is great. Love hearing about the frustration with Windows that I also have, from naming, wanting to get rid of Cortana, still pining for a solution on how to remove “cruft” from Windows without breaking the lock screen spotlight or search. Agree with the ridiculousness of calling Windows 20H1 Windows 2004 when back in 2004 Microsoft actually had a good Windows product that worked (XP) which was my favorite on a box that I built specifically for M.E. After I got over the Fisher-Price GUI, it was the best Windows I ever had, and I liked the dog that sniffed out things when I searched for a file. My dog would look at the computer and turn his head when he would hear that bark. I also beat every Freecell game I ever played. Now they charge for it or make you watch commercials and that uses bandwidth and really has destroyed a good experience.

Anyway, hope I haven’t bored you to tears with this stroll down memory lane. I do enjoy your show, and I am from way back in the early days of Tech TV watching Call For Help and The Screen Savers. Really miss those shows, and this netcast helps fill the void.

P.S. I am not a robot !


What is the talk about the end of the decade? We have another year to go… :-S

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The 2004 is just a release name. The official name will probably be Windows 10 May 2020 Update.

Having Mary Jo Foley in studio was indeed a special event. The critique is when @Leo uses his keyboard, there is recognizable thumping transmitted through the table mic. 1:18:18 example. We know how meticulous @Leo is when @karsten has his mic live without speaking or when co-host mics seem to remain muted by mistake. Physically isolating the table mics seems like a solution.

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I’m in agreement with Paul when it comes to MS tracking implementation for Chredge. It seems half-assed and not a serious attempt and I don’t really see how they’re ever going to get away from people installing windows > opening edge > downloading another browser.

Tracking is, I hope, the #1 feature of any browser. Perhaps the most typical user downloads chrome because most people use google services. Either way, this implementation certainly won’t help MS crawl out of it’s browser hole.

After considering it for some time, I’m not sure anything will. I just don’t see it happening.

Paul says that no one uses Edge on mobile. I do and my reason for doing so is that Edge on mobile (IOS in this case) and CrEdge on Win10 sync favorites. So I can access and manage my favorites on any platform.

He and Leo and MJ also pointed out that they didn’t really mean “our audience” when they said “nobody uses it”. They specifically mentioned that obviously the people who listen to this show or are Windows enthusiasts would be using Edge on Mobile, or Chredge in general. He meant nobody in the general public uses it.