WW 683: The Purposeful Luddite

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Leo, your thoughts on the antitrust situation where perfect and well thought out. Thanks!

Leo, Paul and Mary Jo, I just wanted to share my thanks for doing this show every week. On the Internet, as it is in our busy lives, we often take things we enjoy for granted and don’t take the time to show our appreciation.

I’ve been a listener for many years and a .NET software developer for many more. I used to listen to your show during my commute. Now I listen at home while fixing my lunch. I enjoy hearing what you thought was interesting in the news from the week because I don’t have time to do all the research you do to prep for the show. I enjoy your commentary and discussion. Occasionally the tips are useful. I wish there was a subscription beer service that went with the show. But mostly it’s my favorite kind of entertainment – something that’s interesting and educational.

So thanks for all the hard work you do and taking the time to share it with us in a fun way.


Purposeful Luddite - another great Paulism

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The opening of this episode was the best discussion I have heard in the many years I’ve been listening to you 3. Great job.

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