WW 676: Ferrous and FeFe

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The trio puts out an amazing show every week. Paul @thurrott’s sarcasm, @MaryJo’s being always so serious and yet not so serious, and @Leo’s way of laughing in disbelief. And the show is just as informational as the Security Now. It’s an Experience Pack :wink: Nobody knows what it is, but we all enjoy it :slight_smile:


@MaryJo and @thurrott. You both are great. You provide a lot of informative information and you make a dry topic very fun to listen to.

One thing about the show that bugs me, I personally think you both need to stop citing random tweets from people such as “someone on Twitter said Microsoft should buy DuckDuckGo.” This happens all the time. Ridiculous comments like that should not even be brought up.

Anyone can tweet those things. I can tweet at you saying it’s my belief that Google should merge with Microsoft, will you repeat that?

I personally think you both should stay off of Twitter. It is like the bathroom wall in a high school bathroom.

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Thanks for the kind words about the show.

In my opinion, part of the reason the show isn’t “dry” is because we find some unusual things to talk about every week. On slow news weeks, this can be challenging. But we do our best.

Your idea of what’s “ridiculous” may be different from other people’s ideas. We noted on the show that the DuckDuckGo comment was just a throw-away by someone on Twitter. We didn’t act like it was a deal in progress or anything more.

I have no plans to stay off Twitter; I find it useful and entertaining. And it has been a good source for me for story ideas and talking to readers/listeners.

Thanks and have a nice day.


Thanks a lot for the kind words. Appreciated!


MaryJo, I’m an Apple user and worked at Apple for 16 years, but I also have a Dell Win 10 machine and worked at HP for 16 years as well! I love to watch you and Paul and Leo every week! Sometimes you guys make me crazy and sometimes you make me laugh - love the show, you guys are fun, and how about a little love for us Mac guys with one foot in Microsoft as well!!! Stay on Twitter :grin:


So good that people have two feet, isn’t it? :wink: I use both systems, each for a different purpose, and I believe I’ve found the right way to do that.


Is there a word for people who use more than one platform? People who can both appreciate and complain about both. Is that like a dyad in the Force?


Platform Agnostics would be my choice


Just thought I’d add my 2c to the next-phone discussion between @thurrott and @MaryJo. Since both highly rate the camera, I recommend you look at Sony’s Xperia 1 ii. The mobile division moved to Sony Imaging and upped the game on photography and cinematography a bunch. They also have a very clean, nearly bare Android and really good open source and long term updates track record. Check out some of the horse’s mouth info here: https://japanese.engadget.com/we-asked-sony-mobiles-developers-about-the-cameras-on-the-xperia-1-ii-and-their-thoughts-on-bringing-back-the-headphone-jack-082511658.html

Regards and keep up the good work,
Disclaimer: I have no affiliation with Sony, just a repeat happy customer


I like platform fluid :grin:

Non platformal perhaps?? :joy::joy::joy: