WW 692: Happy Fiscal New Year

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@Leo a couple of things regarding the show.

Given the current state of Privacy Shield (i.e. it is null and void), it makes using a cloud service with a US presence, let alone HQ, untenable.

Add in that Windows 10 isn’t GDPR compliant when run locally (can’t switch off telemetry completely), how are you going to ensure that it is running compliantly when it is hosted on a Microsoft Server?

Patching - you see what happened with Azure AD this week, when Microsoft patched it themselves!

Finally, to @thurrott and his “if there is a problem with Azure, grab a sandwich and put your feet up!” Von wegen! As they say in Germany. If the service is down and nobody can log on, my phone will be ringing off the hook, until “I” get the service working again. And I have nobody I can contact and kick up the rear to get them moving!

If it is on-site, I am in the server room doing something to get everything running again. If the problem is in the Microsoft cloud, I am Microsoft’s ersatz punching bag…

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Hey everyone!

Of course, I needed to come in to give my two cents to the discussion about Linux on the desktop on Wednesday…

Core of my argument: WW is usually filled to the brim with horror stories about how Microsoft fails at Windows, at hardware, at updates, the system is unusable for end customers, and everything is a travesty and “inexcusable”. So far so good. Now a story comes along pointing to the potential of Linux among end customers. Now, all of a sudden, no one cares about Linux because you can have Microsoft manage your Windows system in the cloud without you interfering. Because “people simply want their systems to work”.

Is it just me or does much of this carry the signs of an abusive relationship? A supplier continuously beating their customers over the head with pricey, buggy, and inconsistent software over and over until they promise that they’d do better if their products were even less free, cost more, and simply the user buggered off from getting involved. The customers realize that but still go along. While the product manager cultivates a slight mob style (based on earlier accounts by WW). It’s like a Netflix drama.

Enter the laughing about the free project having run out of runway. Even though they more or less eat everyone’s lunch on server (where the plane diverted to) and in development. And likely on desktop before too soon. Just after Microsoft fails at ARM.

Maybe I got wooshed, but the beginning of the episode felt so much laden with unintended irony that it seemed to need pointing out. Especially after the show went on to point out that MJs network card does not work, again. After an update. By Microsoft. Which fails. Even if it does not really change stuff.

Sorry for the rant. It’s a good sign to get that involved thoughts. I do feel better now. :slight_smile: But maybe it’s really time for an intervention? If MS produces pain, don’t laude MS.


@Leo, you mentioned Microsoft 365 is now 364… It is worse than that, I’ve lost track, but it is already in the low 350s.


If the show were This Week in Linux then it would be filled to the brim with horror stories about Linux.

I think Paul was being humorously flippant. But what are you supposed to do? Once you send a priority email to everyone letting them know that you AND Microsoft are aware of the situation, and you’re waiting for a fix, what else is there to do? (caveat: I am not an IT pro)

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Except you can’t send a priority email, because Exchange Online’s login is also controlled by Azure AD…

Okay, in our case, the company doesn’t let any data be stored in the cloud, so we don’t actually use EO, but if you were all in on MS365 you are pretty well stuffed. No email, no teams, you have to call round all the department heads, worldwide.

And informing them that is Microsoft aware of the problem doesn’t help deflect the anger or rants from the people who can’t do their job.

How silly of me. Of course there’s no email! Well as a non-IT person, I absolutely see these outages as a respite.

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On a side note: happy cake day! :slight_smile:

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