WW 659: Our Marshmallow, Raspberry, Cherry, Vanilla Slush Pop

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The Neo looks awesome. I will buy one. It will replace my iPad and I’ll be able to do so much more.

:slight_smile: to @thurrott for actually “liking” something (Windows X).

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An ad for Hands on iOS thrown in at the end. Interesting.

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Not much discussion about the 10X kernel in MS’s presentation. There’s no registry, but the other containers have a registry virtually. They made a point of showing that the win32 container sees a file system like Windows has today.

There’s another OS kernel that doesn’t have a registry.

Why are they specifically pointing out that C:\Program Files\ is there for the win32 container??

Is this WSL in reverse??

Is this the year of Linux on the (foldable) desktop???

Yes, I was waiting for WW to end as usual and the intro to TWIG to start and, erm, what the flark?!

Threw me for a second there, I wondered where the heck that came from, as it wasn’t in my queue…