WW 720: FLoC Blockers

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@Leo , nice new profile picture!

So this was the episode where you and Paul first tested the waters for Linux Weekly, I suppose? :wink:

That show would have a similar energy to the good old “Planes, Trains & Automobiles” with one very cheerful and one slightly less so host. Who wouldn’t love that?

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So in this scenario I’m John Candy and Paul is Steve Martin?

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…with regard to attitude, indeed. Come to think of the title: “Root, home, and etc”

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The Manjaro distro sounds interesting. @Leo which desktop environment are you using with Manjaro?

I’ve experimented with a few distros in the past, but spent the most time with Linux Mint (Cinnamon). I see that Manjaro has a community release for Cinnamon, but maybe I’ll stick with one of the official DEs for now - XFCE or KDE.

It’s almost as easy to DE hop as distro hop. In fact, with some care, you can have multiple desktop environments installed and chose a different one each time you log in.

For me Gnome offers the best combination of flexibility and power. XFCE feels stripped down and KDE is designed for tweaking to the hilt. Cinnamon is a Gnome that’s been customized to look more like Windows. I prefer the real thing.

Gnome is pretty much perfect out of the box, especially as Manjaro sets it up. But it’s worth checking out the Gnome exensions at https://extensions.gnome.org. Dash-to-Dock is probably the most popular. I also use the Wikimedia Commons wallpaper changer.


I used to run SUSE with Gnome, KDE and XFCE installed and chose the one I was in the mood for, when I logged in.

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Cool. Maybe I’ll give that one a shot first. Thanks.