WW 647: Dark Mode, Shmark Mode

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I think it would be interested to watch @mikahsargent & @Leo do an episode together with @MaryJo & Paul Thurrott. Maybe a twit round table show for a week. I think the two Twit host’s would be a super fun show to watch. Pre-Christmas, special for the loyal fans?


One note about Paul’s pick, Brave, that didn’t get mentioned, perhaps because the feature is somewhat convoluted.

Paul mentioned that you can add money to a wallet and “tip” sites. This is certainly true, but what really differentiates Brave is that they’re willing to pay you for showing you Brave’s ads, which you can turn on in settings and appear as OS-level notifications. You can, in return, use this “free money” to auto-tip the sites you visit. In this way, Brave is stripping out the tracking and obnoxious ads from websites, but (as long as publishers sign up) allowing websites to recoup that loss while putting users in control of who they support. Also, instead of tipping, you can take all of the money yourself and pay yourself.

Of course, I’ve called it “money” here, but what I really mean is BAT tokens on the ethereum blockchain. However, Brave’s partner, Uphold, makes it fairly easy to connect your bank account and convert the BAT to USD or another currency.

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+1 for Paul’s Brave pick.

Been using Brave for the past couple of months at work, ever since that episode of Triangulation. Built-in Tor client is great when investigating suspicious links, and I can it performs better than a vanilla Chrome. That said, I’m still using Firefox and Chredge as my main drivers, the former because of add-ons and CPU efficiency and the latter because sometimes sites are designed for Chrome (much like how sites were designed for IE 5 back in the day).

Will definitely miss you, @mikahsargent! I agree with Paul 100% in that having someone new to the Microsoft ecosystem and with an open mind is refreshing and forces a renewed perspective on some of the insane things in Windows does, as well as some of the things we take for granted. I think it’s also indicative of you being generally a good host and bringing the audience with you on our wonderful journey with Paul Thurrott and Sniper Jo Foley.

On a tangential note—because somehow I’ve associated Patch Tuesday with Mr. Sargent—I am very appreciative of Patch Tuesday since it I am not a fan of a series of patches pushed late in the month that suddenly screws up work computers when people are finishing up end-of-month activities. I don’t have the luxury of checking patch notes every day, so having a regular cadence is good for my sanity. 1909 being pretty ho-hum is a godsend.

On a random note, my observations for Patch Tuesday being on Tuesday vs. any other day:

  • Sunday: Come in on Monday and find things broken.
  • Monday: Mondays are busy going through the weekend backlog.
  • Tuesday: I find more people are actually present here on Tuesday, since they take Monday off because they’re “sick.”
  • Wednesday: Acceptable. I think Adobe does Wednesdays. Wednesdays are usually when I decide whether to push patches out or hold them back because they might crash computers.
  • Thursday: “This must be Thursday. I never could get the hang of Thursdays.”
  • Friday: Read-Only Friday. A IT/sysadmin principle where no changes are made on a Friday unless you feel like working over the weekend.
  • Saturday: Same as Friday and Sunday.
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@mikahsargent A quick reminder about the CEO of the Brave browser Brendan Eich. He is a religious bigot who financially supported removing marriage rights already granted to LGBT people in CA. That’s why he had to resign when he was promoted to the CEO position at the Mozilla foundation. I personally never help a religious bigot earn money.


Just wanted to say I am new here to the Community but I have listened to Windows Weekly for years and love the show. I am a Windows user and always find something useful in the show. @mikahsargent was a great fill in for Leo with his new eyes and his new Elvis. An enjoyable show this week as always. Thanks much! I too think a Twit Round table would be great.


I had no clue what you were talking. Here’s the Wiki excerpt:

On March 24, 2014, Eich was promoted to CEO of Mozilla Corporation.[12] Gary Kovacs, John Lilly, and Ellen Siminoff resigned from the Mozilla board prior to the appointment,[13] some anonymously expressing disagreements with Eich’s strategy and their desire for a CEO with experience in the mobile industry.[14][15] Some employees of Mozilla Foundation (a separate organization from Mozilla Corporation) tweeted calls for his resignation, with reference to his donation of $1,000 to California Proposition 8, which called for the banning of same-sex marriage in California.[16][17] Eich stood by his decision to fund the campaign, but wrote on his blog that he was sorry for “causing pain” and pledged to promote equality at Mozilla.[13][18] Some of the activists created an online campaign against Eich, with online dating site OkCupid automatically displaying a message to Firefox users with information about Eich’s donation, and suggesting that users switch to a different browser (although giving them a link to continue with Firefox).[19][20][21] Others at the Mozilla Corporation spoke out on their blogs in his favor.[22][23] Board members wanted him to stay in the company in a different role.[24] On April 3, 2014, Eich resigned as CEO and left Mozilla; in his personal blog, he posted, “under the present circumstances, I cannot be an effective leader”.[25][26]

If we all boycotted everyone whose views and actions we did not agree with our way of life would crumble back to the stone age. I’d probably have start with @Leo. Oh crap…no more TWiT for me.

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Along these same lines as @P_J, I think it’s important to remember that if we turn people into single-issue, single-facet, all-or-nothing political issues, we do a disservice to our body politic and become just as bigoted as the people we slap the labels on.

For example, I’ll firmly say I’m in the Alliance camp in a Horde vs. Alliance debate, but I can’t say I don’t have sympathy for Tauren and even the Forsaken, nor can I say that I am okay with everything Humans say and do. (If this is too geeky and remove as a reference, I apologize.)

There is always at least one thing we can dislike about any person. Life is gray and when you are thrown into the middle of it you… start wondering why Microsoft doesn’t work on a Gray Mode because Dark Mode (ardently spearheaded by Paul Thurrott) and Light Mode (stalwartly defended by Mary Jo Foley) is too binary of a choice.

(Maybe it should be called Goldilocks Mode.)

…I miss the nostalgia of the Hotdog Stand Theme and the general fun of the Windows 95 Plus! Pack where you could customize the chrome and icons of Windows to your own unique tastes.


I’m confused what exactly you think the point of boycotting is then? It’s exactly the point of a boycott to avoid a product or service which comes into conflict with your personal situation or beliefs. I believe it would be silly for a LGBT person, such as @mikahsargent, to actively support someone who would take income generated from that support and then act to suppress their rights.

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You miss my point…I know exactly what the point of boycotting is and, in general, (never say never) I don’t agree with it.

Thanks for the heads up. I don’t like to support people like this when there are good alternatives.