Are there any issues using Brave?

I remember a month or so back I was in the Twit Chatroom talking about Brave browser and some people warned me against using it but feared getting booted by the admin (if I am remembering correctly). Are there any serious issues using it?

@doubletrucker on the Mastodon instance reported lock-up’s yesterday on visiting their Twitter shortcut which they had as their homepage. shrug

I can’t use the microphone on Brave when doing my language lessons or doing voice searches. Other than that I have had no issues. I have been using it for a few weeks.

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It’s possible those concerns might have been political rather than technical. Brendan Eich, inventor of Javascript, is their CEO and resigned from the same post at Mozilla Corporation after controversy over some of his political views. You can find the details on his Wikipedia page.


Why would they get booted by the admin???

You tell me. They were a bit cagey.

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Maybe because Brave is a TWIT sponsor. I don’t think Leo and crew would try to censor us that way.


Booted? Nope. But I saw the same thing about the ad, it’s lacking a message that resonates with the crowd so only the tech enthusiasts will want to use it and the marketing does not match up with the product. I still see the product features lacking but that’s my opinion. Aside from that, several users with reported usability issues.

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Nope. No sensoring. Actually I like to have fun with the ads in the chat room and guessing at the messages. I find most people tune out of them these days.

I don’t think Twit sponsors Brave anymore. They are not listed on the Sponsors page of website. I haven’t heard a spot for them in a month.

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In general I would prefer it if you don’t disparage sponsors in chat (or any of our TWiT communities for that matter). Understand that without sponsors none of those communities would exist, nor would our shows.


Brave issues: really only one serious and one minor.
Serious: sync of bookmarks between macOS and iOS versions used to work but is now flaky. Not all bookmarks come across and the order is changed.
Minor: in the latest macOS version the “Other Bookmarks” folder in the bookmarks bar moved away from the extreme right. This is to make the macOS and iOS versions look the same but the change is taking me a very long time to acclimatize to.
I tried switching to Firefox but I can’t get it to manage cookies as nicely as Brave so gave up. I refuse to use Safari because I really dislike the way tabs take the maximum space available (I know, pickey, pickey).

Thanks. I would like to go back to Safari since I like the integration with MacOS, but I find the need to add in a plugin to block ads, and the need to have a separate app for password managers (rather than only using a separate webpage) made it a bit clunky to use.

I definitely am not trying to disparage Brave. I just found it odd that I got several messages in the chat to avoid Brave and do a search on it to find out why. I thought maybe it was compromising my data or something. Anyway, I have been using Brave for probably 6+ months and have not changed since then. It is fast and I like how it give you the ability to use their BAT to pay for websites you use often to make up for the lost revenue from the websites (often intrusive) ads.

This thread has been quiet for a long time but…
I use Brave as my browser and it works well, at least most of the time. However, there are always a few sites where it just will not allow me to log in or enter personal data, e.g., a credit card number for a purchase. I then switch to Safari. So why not use Safari for everything? Partly, because I really really do not like the way it displays tabs but also because it is far too restrictive in allowing extensions (I use many).

I do not use Brave rewards.

Same here. I would like to use Safari since it integrates very nicely with my other MacOS stuff (e.g. Apple Pay, Touch ID, filling in 2FA texts automatically), but I find Safari a bit restrictive and somewhat slower than Brave because the ad-blockers are plug ins. Brave seems a lot zipper than Safari.

I really liked Brave on linux. But every time i use it , it pins my CPU to 90% (Ryzen 5 1600) .
I thought it might have been that i was using a Ryzen, but i have since tested it on an i7 (windows) with the same result. Not sure whats going on under the hood but I will check back after awhile. Hopefully they resolve it. I did report it to brave.

I use the Firefox Focus app to provide integrated Safari ad-blocking and its performance has been excellent. Just, as a recommendation to those for whom that may be a deciding factor.

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