What is your primary browser?

About eight months ago I switched to Brave Browser from Chrome for both mobile and desktop. I do occasionally use Chrome when I am specifically looking for a “Google Snippet” and don’t want to click a link. But over all I have been very satisfied with Brave as my browser.

What browser do you use, and why?


Ive been using Firefox for years now on the desktop, because I like the UI over Chrome. The privacy and protection, lack of tracking etc. from Chrome. Recently tried Brave but didn’t like it. Surfari on my old Ipod Touch for mobile, don’t have a smartphone.


If you’re concerned about privacy, bear in mind that Brave is from Google themselves.

I’m Safari all the way; on PC, it’s Firefox + Privacy Badger + NoScript.

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You beat me to my post I was going to do tomorrow :stuck_out_tongue:

I use Chrome on all my computers at home. At work, we are not allowed to have Chrome installed. We have to use Firefox.

I use Firefox everywhere that I can: desktops, laptops, phones, etc. I work in the public sector, and we are not allowed to use Firefox, so I am forced to use either Chrome or Internet Explorer. I have an iPad that was given to me (not an iOS fan personally, but free is free!), and I prefer Brave on it for the sole reason that the iOS version of Firefox does not have add-ons, so I can’t have uBlock Origin or any of my other extensions. Brave does an excellent job of blocking most ads I encounter on the web.

Developer edition of the new Edge…or Credge as @MaryJo calls it.
Why? Why not. It works great and I’m an unabashed Microsoft fan boy.

Been using brave ,Firefox, and Startpage

I switched from Netscape Navigator to Firefox by way of a stint with IE. I was really upset with Firefox when they decided to kill all the add-ons and replace them with Javascript based extensions and a bunch of my daily driver add-ons stopped working. (Particularly DownThemAll! which has since arisen from its presumed grave.) I still use Firefox because it more configurable and less snoopish than Chrome. I keep Chrome handy for occasional use though.

I did use this (Canary) for the last few months but recently switched to Firefox as I was getting sudden shutdowns of Edge for no apparent reason.

I sent the report to MS and switched because it was too frustrating.

I am such an apple fanboy…my humble apologies… but I use Safari for my normal browsing and when safari doesn’t render a site correctly (talking to you my insurance company) I switch to Firefox


I have not had that problem and I pretty much work all day long with accounting and other web based programs all day long. No issues whatsoever.

Hey don’t apologize for being a fan of what you are a fan of! It’s your choice for your reasons. If those mock you for it it’s their problem.


It started about 3 days ago. Shutdown on me probably 3 or 4 times 3 days in a row. With 2FA turned on and having to log in again over and over I just gave up and switched back to FF.

Maybe 2FA is the issue. I don’t use that.

I meant 2FA for every account I’m logged into at the time of error

Hmmm. My payroll and accounting software requires that and of course banks etc. I don’t have that issue. Try the developer version. Not canary. Not beta.
I’m running it on a Surface Book and and an older Dell Precision. I don’t have those issues.

Thanks I appreciate it.iknow some people cringe when you favore one system over another.

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I use Brave on my desktop/Macs. I really liked Safari but Apple continues to lock it down to the point you have to have a separate app to use password managers like LastPass. I also find that LP doesn’t work well with Safari.

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Did Google buy Brave and I just haven’t read the news yet? I know it uses the Chromium engine, but I haven’t heard about Google doing anything with Brave.

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Safari on all Apple devices except my weekly visits to Facebook in which case I use Brave. I use AdGuard in Safari and it seems to do well.

Firefox on PC, Chromium on Linux.

Thinking of setting up pi-hole or AdGuard home to alleviate configuring every device in the house…will get around to it one of these days…