SN 780: Microsoft's 0-Day Folly

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So glad I have smartphones without a Qualcomm chip.

My company phone is a Huawei P20 with a Kirin chip and my private phone is a Samsung Galaxy S20+ with Exynos chip. It wouldn’t surprise me if there are also vulnerabilities in these, but at least there aren’t 400 known bugs in their DSPs.

After listening to Tuesdays show I started thinking about what Steve and Leo said regarding Firefox. They mentioned that Mozilla was in a financial hurt and that Firefox may not make it. Steve mentioned that he might move to EDGE if Firefox went under. During another part of the show Steve talked about how Microsoft knew about security issues with their operating system and didn’t fix them until recently. He also said they werent the Microsoft of old. Yet, he would use EDGE (Microsoft) going forward for browsing. Leo also commented how Firefox was a great browser and it was what he used. Neither of them mentioned BRAVE. Once sponsored by TWIT and Leo said he used it. Steve, at least I don’t recall, has ever given his opinion of BRAVE. Is there an issue with BRAVE? I have tried it along with Firefox and Safari and it is definitely faster. Is there a security concern? I would be interested to hear Steve’s view on BRAVE.

I never switched to BRAVE, but it was previously discussed a lot here. You can probably find many old threads.

From what others have said, people have been having a lot of issues with BRAVE. Many people here stopped using it.

I was tempted to make the switch, but never did… (My main computers are Chromebooks - so, Google is it baby :slight_smile: ) Then I saw all the negative comments here…

I tried Brave. But I’m too reliant on Google services to switch to it.

For work, I use the new Edge.

Brave is great, and getting better all the time. But, whenever possible, I choose community-supported open-source software.

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Thanks all. I was aware of the other threads that discussed Brave but none really spoke of the security aspect. That is why I would be interested in Steve’s view.

Also, Leo, you bust me up when I’m listening to TWIG at work and you start into your accents. Keep up the good work. I’m a fan.

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Yes, the accents are so obviously fake, being a Brit, I can hear them (English, Scottish, Oz) and tell straight away that it is just following a stereotype and not anywhere near the real-thing, but all the more funny because of it.

As a Brit, I am definitely not offended when he does British the accents, I actually enjoy it.

I love @Leo’s accents, he has a real skill with them and listens closely to how people speak. I’d pin his Scots accent as mostly Glaswegian from my limited knowledge, and as a Londoner I’ve noticed his Cockney* accent getting better - a year or so it still had some Dick van Dyke elements (wince) but in recent exchanges with @mikahsargent it’s been much closer to the real thing.

I totally love the live pre-show of iOS Today where the two of them sync up while getting into character accents before the show begins. Listening to them ramble through random comments while staying in character is very funny and means I always have to listen live to catch that - it’s a separate entertainment in itself.

The episode where they tried to out-do each other’s country-boy accents was wonderful (think Deputy Dawg for anyone who remembers that), and ep. 514 was hysterical - it was like (no disrespect at all) listening to two highly-educated drunks under a bridge, and one of the funniest things I’ve heard in ages. They just inspire each other’s creativity when they’re on-mike together.

*Edited to say, yes, I know it’s not actually Cockney, more like an East/South London hybrid, but I’m assuming that Cockney is what inspired it and where it will eventually end up as Leo refines it.