WW 660: Outlook Uncertain

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Hey @mikahsargent - regarding easy ways to share docs between computers - did you try OneDrive? My docs on Windows automatically sync to OneDrive, so it’s easy for me to grab them - either from a browser or another PC. I believe Microsoft makes a OneDrive client for Mac, so I would think that would be a far better solution to sharing docs between machines than emailing them.

As always - I remain impressed with how you navigate the dual worlds of Windows and Mac, and your insight and perspective have served as a welcome voice on Windows Weekly. @Leo leaves the show in good hands when you host.


I can’t believe the lead topic was this Surface story about alleged problems which based on @MaryJo ‘s story seems to be coming from a few Reddit posts and tweets.

This is frankly silly. Statistical significance is very important and needs to be taken into account before stories like this are written. Consumers get the wrong idea about this stuff.

Microsoft should know better as well and ignore things like this.

There are no issues with the Surface Laptop 3. I know several people who own them and do not have any issues.

Hi. I’ve heard from 3 people first-hand now who’ve said it’s happened to them. Microsoft is taking it seriously and is aware it’s happening. We are just waiting for the official word on what MS is going to do re: cracked SL3 screens. I also have not had it happen to me, but that doesn’t mean it is not happening. MJ


They either haven’t had them long enough or don’t have units from the possible bad batch.

For a rare event it seems just as popular set of threads in the MS answers site

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Three whole people? How many did they sell?

Statistical significance @MaryJo

Microsoft should ignore this and so should you.

How do you know the share of surface 3s among the people MaryJo has contact with ?
What if that 3 constitutes 25 or 50% of the people asked so far ?
Statistics need context not a number on its own.


Thanks for the advice :lollipop:

Will let you and everyone else watching WW what Microsoft decides to do about this issue once they let me know.


The current Windows 10 patches are allegedly a catastrophe… So much so, that the 200 or so PCs I’ve upgraded haven’t had a problem.

Just because I haven’t experienced a problem, doesn’t mean there isn’t a serious issue. The same is true with the Surface Laptop 3. It is a real problem, but the scale is currently unknown. That doesn’t make it non-news. I am just glad that @MaryJo and @thurrott both put it into context and stated that they haven’t been overrun with people telling them that their devices are broken - although it seems 3 have since contacted @MaryJo.


This reminds me of the iPhones that bend nonsense that was on social media.

Tech reporters in general need to look at the percentage of problems versus non problems and not write about every twitter user that describes an issue.

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A big thank you to @thurrott for educational link today. Some of us are looking to switch or upgrade our career paths and free education is always appreciated.


Perhaps decisions regarding Microsoft’s attention can best be left to Microsoft; and decisions on what @MaryJo chooses to cover could likewise best be left to her.

After 40+ years covering Microsoft and the tech industry, I think we can afford her the luxury of using her own judgment. Just a humble suggestion.


So Paul and Mary Jo said they have not heard anything further about this alleged “screen cracking” thing.

This is what I personally expected. I like WW, @thurrott and @MaryJo. However, I feel like this is an overall issue in the tech reporting community.

Statistical significance is important. Tech reporters need to stay off of Reddit and not report on every tweet some anonymous person says. “Hearing” from three people about their Surface does not mean there is an issue.

Hi. I am still worried that Microsoft has not provided updated guidance on this issue. I have asked every week for an update and they are not commenting. If it was/is not an issue, they should say that. The fact they have not makes me think they still think it’s worth looking into.

Hearing from people firsthand like I have – people who are Surface fans, not competitors or foes – is cause for concern, IMHO. I am hoping this was a limited time/area thing, since I myself bought a Surface Laptop 3 and am a happy customer of it.

I plan continue to follow this issue and report on it once I have more info. Thanks


Hi everyone, the fact that some people (myself among them) did not have a problem does not mean much if other people are having issue.

Global software distribution (incl patches) is a complicated business. Something that is released in US is not necessarily released at the same time in Asia or EU. Even within the US there may be segmentation in order to compartmentalize and reduce the risk of releasing a bad batch worldwide.

In that sense, I accept that patching is facing some issues even if it has not affected me directly.

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It took a while, but Microsoft has acknowledged the Surface Laptop 3 screen cracking issue is real and they have set up a system to repair this for free or reimburse anyone affected who already paid. Yay! Good (hopefully end) to the story: https://www.zdnet.com/article/microsoft-will-repair-for-free-spontaneously-cracking-screens-on-surface-laptop-3/