WW 641: Pumped

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I agree with you @mikahsargent that Panos seemed a little preacherly in that event. In all honesty his style is enough of a turn off I would not have stuck with it if it had not been for you and @ant_pruitt being on the Twit streamed coverage.


LOL Your ears are pumped!! :rofl:

Funny episode, thanks guys.

Two episodes with Paul and Mary Jo and Mikah has already become a bit cynical! I don’t mind the slightly OTT theatrical style, it’s a big product launch after all.

Snugability factor should now be included in all product reviews. Give me a shag pile tablet thanks.

Somewhat disagree with Paul about there being no need for two screens, which I discussed in Lou’s topic. Yes using something like a phone as a 2nd monitor works to an extent. But you can’t copy and paste between them. You can’t quickly drag something from one screen to the other. You’re having to switch between typing on your keyboard and swiping around on the phone. It totally takes you out of the flow, as Panos constantly alluded to. I could see for example standing up the Neo to use both monitors as a duel screen setup being quite useful.

I know this is probably a weird observation, but the kinda 1/2 of the news desk set shot you used looked really nice. Bit less empty than the round table set which is usually used when there’s a guest host.

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Paul and MJ wonder what the use case for the Neo is. They didn’t think Microsoft made the case. I would replace my iPad with a Neo in heartbeat. Looks like a great content consuming device (reading emails, blogs, news, videos, etc.) with the ability to break in and do some low-powered work like responding to emails, posting on twit.community :star_struck:

I will seriously consider replacing my iPhone with a Duo. As long as I’m getting rid an iPad might as well get completely out of the Appleverse.

P.S. Paul and MJ need to get signed up on here.
I think we need mixology badges for having a Patch Tuesday and future cocktails yet to be developed.


@PHolder - I had the opposite reaction to Panos, but his style has grown on me as I’ve watched Microsoft events over the last several years. I contrast his style with the almost rote nature of the Apple keynotes, which have frequently struck me as smug and paternalistic. Panos seems genuinely interested and passionate about the products he’s announcing - and given the apparent general feeling in the tech community about Microsoft, having someone that passionate about the products is really nice.

That said - I can see where his style may not be for everyone. It’s just that his manner of presentation works for me.

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That would be awesome! We also need a whole suite of Microsoft drinks! What was that cocktail app that debuted on Windows Phone? Cocktail Hour? We need a new app just for the Windows drinks - and we need new drinks to put in it! We need a recipe for the Windows feature updates (19H2, 20H1, 20H2, etc) .

In fact - we need recipes for all of the companies major updates, like Apple and Google too! Someone get on this toot-sweet!


@mikahsargent did another great job hosting Windows Weekly. It’s really nice having the contrast of perspectives between him and Paul and Mary Jo. I think the conversation really amps up with these kinds of host-moderator matchups and I’d really like to see more cross-pollination among the hosts (not to repeat myself as I’ve mentioned this elsewhere).

Mikah - as a Windows guy - I really appreciate your viewpoint and am really glad you accepted a job with TWIT. I didn’t know much about you before beyond your few appearances on the TWIT show, but I’m glad to have the chance to get to know better (at a remove). Thanks!


Wow! You either like double spending, or don’t have much of an investment in apps. I no longer use my iPad because Apple abandoned me (it’s an iPad 4 and can’t upgrade beyond iOS 10) and I am loathe to kill something that still physically works great (I keep very good care of my tech toys.) But when I was using it daily, I know I had spent many hundreds of dollars on apps… I’d be loathe to just cast that away like nothing and start over. On the other hand, support your devs!

i like the challange paul made for mary to review the surface again makes me tune in next time to see the outcome. to be continued topics makes the show so much more interesting.

also great studio setup as alternative to leo’s old mancave. :rofl::rofl:


I really don’t have a huge investment in apps. The apps I use the most are free or from Microsoft and are included in Office 365. Ha!

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Really enjoy the contrast that @mikahsargent brings to the show, hope to see him more often!

I think Microsoft got it backwards with the Neo and the Surface X. This brand new form factor would be the perfect opportunity to introduce a marked change on the software side by utilizing an ARM architecture.

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