WW 644: The New and Beautiful Elvis

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Congrats on your new Surface Mikah!

I’ll just help you out and list some of my favorite apps for Windows, since youre ‘new’ to the ecosystem.

  1. Instead of Ctrl + C and Ctrl + V to copy and paste use Win Key + C and Win Key + V. (You need to turn on this option in clipboard in the settings). This copy and paste sync across devices.

  2. Go to keyboard settings and turn on Prtscrn for screen snipping.

  3. https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/p/quicklook/9nv4bs3l1h4s
    Quicklook App to replace Preview App in MacOS.

  4. https://daumpotplayer.com/download/
    Potplayer is probably the best video player on this platform, I much prefer it over VLC.


II can only post 2 links…so you will have to copy and paste the rest into google to look for them.

  1. MyTube is the best Youtube app on any platform.

  2. Microsoft To Do for to do list.

  3. Microsoft OneNote for note organization and pen support. Probably my fav app.

  4. EarTrumpet to fine tune your sound on windows.

  5. multiswipe. Best swipe gestures for Windows.

  6. ueli keystroke launcher. Alfred for Windows 10.

And always, alternativeto dot net/ to find alternative version of the apps you use on MacOS.


Go to keyboard settings and turn on Prtscrn for screen snipping.

What is this? Just press Win+Shift+S.

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@ariez, thanks for those posts…wonderful information.

A new user might find the Windows Shortcuts powertoy useful? https://github.com/Microsoft/powertoys/releases

I rather just replace prtscrn with the sketch and snip.

@mikahsargent @MaryJo @thurrott
Nice show. I enjoyed it. Looking forward to MJ’s full laptop review.

Does anyone have links to these reviews of the poor performance/battery of the AMD versions? I noticed MJ said they were the base models. I ordered the max version of the 15 inch, I’d like to read these reviews. Now I’m worried!

Although not to much about battery life that is less important to me than performance.

Docking stations have been mentioned a few times lately on the show. Have a look at https://www.displaylink.com/products/universal-docking-stations. Have tried a number docking stations and have found the docks with the displaylink chipsset work great. I have even used one as a make shift KVM by just just moving a single USB cable between a desktop and laptop.


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@2:33 – Mary Jo – You’re not feeling “Bittersweet Shimmer” instead of Rose-Goldish??? :wink:


@MaryJo @thurrott
It is possible to get out of online setup in the OOBE (out of box experience). Use Shift + f10 or Shift + Fn + f10 to open command prompt. Then ‘netsh wlan delete profile name=NameOfWifiSSID’

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As a random aside (and a random story), I use Grover Podcast as my main podcast player/podcatcher, so if you need/want one for the new Surface, that is the one I recommend.

It’s one of the (very) few Windows Store apps that is actually worth using, is free, and fairly simple to use.

When I first started listening to podcasts, I used this, and then did a search in there for tech-related podcasts.

Let’s type in “windows” into the Search Bar and see what happens.

I pretty much instantly stumbled upon Windows Weekly and saw the names Paul Thurrott and Mary Jo Foley, both of whom I instantly recognized (in addition to some rando guy named Leo Leporte who was hosting).

From there, I discovered the rest of the TWiT network and never looked back. And I have to thank Grover for making it super easy to find things without shoving things in my face like literally every other podcatcher I looked at (which was maybe three of them).

(I later looked up Leo and went, “Oh snaps, he’s THAT GUY from the Tech TV era!” So, sorry Leo for me not immediately recognizing you!

Better late than never, I guess… :slight_smile: )


Seems like the Windows Insider ‘magic window’ gets mentioned every other show. There’s a group policy to control this so you automatically roll into the current release.

It’s found here:
Local Group Policy Editor > Computer Configuration > Administrative Templates > Windows Components > Windows Update > Windows Update for Business > Manage preview builds