Windows Update in a rush to wreck?

Almost had a bad experience earlier today. Running Windows Update for the Patch Tuesday updates, and the restart button became enabled well before the updates were finished being installed. NEVER had this experience before today:


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Did ya try it? I’d like to imagine the system would log you off and give you the “Working on Updates” screen rather than killing power immediately. But with MSFT’s barbaric patching push lately who knows.

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You think I’m crazy! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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I’ve seen that for a while, at least the last few updates. I do believe that it just takes you to a blue update screen if it is critical and restarts and finishes download and install if it is a minor update that does not require a restart.

I tried it when I saw this a couple weeks ago on one very non-critical workstation I manage at work.

The result was as you describe. All programs were safely shut down, I was logged out of the system, the “Working on Updates” display came up, after a while the system restated and the “Working on Updates” display came up for a brief time before the log in screen.