Windows 10 20.04 finally rolling out to some previously blocked devices after installing Aug Patch Tuesday patches

@MaryJo you may finally get your Windows 10 20.04 upgrade! :wink: I had a number of machines that were blocked, and now, two days after patching for patch Tuesday they’re finally willing to try to install the upgrade.

I had problem with one machine (an Intel 6500.) It was blocked for a long time, but started to try to do the update after patch Tuesday for July. It would always fail at about 98% of the “preparing for update machine.” I think what the issue with it was that I had previously tried to download and install the video drivers direct from Intel, and tried to install them via “elevation” from my non-admin account. (On that machine I hadn’t logged into an admin account in YEARS.) In an attempt to diagnose that machines continuing problems, I did log into the Admin account, and the Intel drivers auto-launched the installer O_O. After letting that install, and rebooting, and waiting, it looks like the machine may finally successfully upgrade to 20.04.

Every PC and VM in my network has now successfully updated to 20.04. The biggest improvement I have noticed is that the Windows Hello features working with the Intel SR300 camera has started working reliably again. I think there were fixes with the OS and new drivers for the camera.

The one thing I don’t get is why a freshly upgraded OS doesn’t include ALL of the available/recommended patches. Why is there a delay in installing the available updates until who knows when unless you make the effort to check yourself?

As you can see, if you check for updates, none are installed (although there is a potentially useful link to find out more about the upgrade you just got):


Just for sh*ts and giggles we’ll check for updates:


And what do we have here… a bunch of updates AND a new feature (new to me anyway) which mentions there may be optional updates we could check in on:

Let’s see what sort of optional fun we might have… Oh goody, it looks like we can get some drivers:


Interesting that all these are considered optional… they seem kinda relevant to the hardware in the system:

I selected them all, and chose “Download and install”. Nothing obvious happened, and the machine didn’t even require a reboot… strange. I rebooted anyway, and it all still seemed the same. Windows Update did confirm a full set of updates installed though: