Microsoft Update Tuesday GRRRRR!

I have been a Chromebook user since before Leo got on board. However there was a task it wouldn’t do, namely record music using Audacity. So I got a laptop with Win 10. I no longer record music so I just try to keep my WIN machine pristine and up to date waiting for the day when something else compels me to use it.
Clue me in if there is a easier way to update from Tuesday until Wednesday 09:00 to get it done. Constant downloads and restarts. Error messages like “can"t run update because another is already running” I am ready to throw it in the trash.

If you only turn it only irregularly, it probably doesn’t have time to finish the old update, before the new one tries to start.

After the updates have installed, you need to ensure that it restarted, not just shut it down.

I’ve had something similar with my wife’s laptop, some months she only turns it on once and the updates don’t finish, before she shuts it down again and by the next start it tries to complete the old update, but it fails, because it has been superceded by the next one.

If you are only booting to perform the updates, make sure they are 100% completed, before it is shut down again.

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Good advise. I do get weary looking at percentages of the process, over and over.

Yes be patient especially if you are turning it on just once a month, you forget that there is the Defender definitions updates which usually occur every few days during the month. In Windows 10 they are not just doing the second Tuesday month, there are updates that occur in between, so the longer it is off the more back up of updates grows.

You can continue doing it that way just give it a minimum of 2 hours to do its thing. If staring at it drives you crazy just walk away and do something else and let it do its thing with the computer on it will be much smoother process and less stress on you, just occasionally check on it if your still curious it will be done before you know it.

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