Windows Update for KB5034441 may fail (and keep failing)

A recent Windows Update keeps failing to install on many of my [virtual] machines. This seems to be related to the Windows Recovery Partition being too small to handle the installation of the update.


The following linked article has the steps you can follow to MANUALLY resize your recovery partition. Please NOTE that there is some significant danger to your disk/data if you don’t get this correct. I tried it on one of my non-virtual machines and it allowed the update to install, rather quickly.

I think it’s currently unknown if Microsoft will release a different version of the update that handles the resizing automatically. Other than leaving an annoying failure message, I don’t think this update is urgent, so you could probably wait for next month’s patch Tuesday to see if they do.

Susan Bradley over at recommends holding off making any changes until it becomes clear whether Microsoft is going to be able to offer a solution:

I have this problem too. After getting Windows Update Tues.Feb.13/24 I tried getting the 5034441 update. It failed again.

I looked at my WinRE partition & I only have about 80mb free.

I don’ use Bitlocker so its not critical for me.
I am going to try & make my partition 250mb bigger. Good Idea to
image your drive first.

For now I found a useful .cab File from Microsoft that allows you to Show or Hide Windows Updates.
This is why Microsoft should be giving us the option to Download & Install especially for Win Pro Users. I have seen this in Win 11 but not on 10.

You can get the Direct Download Link Here.


Not everyone may be comfortable using the CMD method.

I found a much Faster Simpler way of Resizing the WinRE Partition.

I now have a 1.0Gb WinRE Partition.

MiniTool Partition Wizard Portable

Scroll Down until you see Download(64Bit)

All you have to do is Select the WinRE Partition, then Right Click on it &
Select Move/Resize,you can then enter the size you want. Click Apply. Reboot Your Computer, Get the update.

So it appears Microsoft is NOT going to provide any fix for this problem!

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I have two duplicate computers. I am still having the same issue on both systems.

Both computers had Windows reinstalled with a clean install. I have no restore partition on either. I assume that is why I keep getting the error.

It doesn’t look like this is preventing me from getting other updates, but hope this remains the case… Since there seems to be no solution.