Windows 10 Preview to Windows 11 Preview Update Failure

This may interest some people. I’m not sure where this goes next. It’s a 4th gen Intel running a Virtual Machine that was running an older version of Windows 10 Preview. I just recently powered it up and it tried to update, and failed. Then it tried again, and this was the result:

I have three machines on dev channel builds of insider,they have all upgrade to build 22000.100
All of them have warning machine do not meet minimum hardware requirements one of which ran windows 10 fast ring,before the full version was released.
At the time they no longer update will roll back an do a clean install of windows 10.
Not going to update hardware any time in the near future unless than its from failure, an only if refurbished hardware for windows 11 is on market.

They are supposedly letting some older hardware update as long as they meet the TPM 2.0 and Secure Boot requirements. My understanding is the message displays on updated hardware that does not meet the current standards but through people installing it on hardware that does not meet the minimum requirements they could possibly update the minumum requirements as long as everything functions.

I would not atleast not right now completely rule out older hardware being compatible, even if Microsoft says it is not compatible.

I would assume the more people that update to the Windows 11 Preview with currently unsupported hardware but have no issues running it would help to make Microsofts position change. I’m sure they don’t want to force everyone out in the cold now we just need to show them that slightly older hardware us just as capable.

Turns out this VM is old enough that it is booting MBR. I just went through the process to convert it to GPT and install the UEFI boot files. I updated the VM to be UEFI booting and it booted successfully. Now I am attempting the Windows 11 update again. I don’t know of any way to control secure boot for the VM, so I wonder if it reads from the underlying system’s setting, or if it’s automatic. I guess we’ll see how seriously it insists on the TPM 2.0 setting, because I don’t think VirtualBox emulates it.

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Well eliminating MBR booting didn’t change anything. The underlying machine is ALSO booting MBR, and now is not a good time to reboot it, so I can’t change it. Because the preview machine seems to be in a “attempt update”/fail loop, I have unenrolled it in the Dev channel and put it into the “Release Preview” for now. If I have the chance later, I will mess around with it and see if changing the host makes any improvement for the guest… but it seems pretty clear that Microsoft is serious about not loving Windows 11 on machines as old as this one (Intel Gen 4.)

I have not tried it on anything as old as a Gen 4 as non of the systems I have access to of that vintage have TPM at all. I do believe it will install and boot the preview with TPM 1.3 but no TPM at all I believe is a no go. Not sure about VM’s though.