Windows update and general issues

Hi all
I’m new here and wondering if that’s the right place to add topic

So I have hp envy laptop windows 10 pro
1709 was really good but

When it got updated to 1803
I’m using Bluetooth speakers on this machine and now the master volume does not change volume on Bluetooth speakers, other volume knobs working in mixer but the master does not

I tried everything from uninstalling all related Bluetooth and sound drivers etc but no luck

Then 1809 happend

And now battery is not charging more than 70%
I’m sure the battery is ok

I didn’t update to 1903

With my previous experience with other machines
It’s better to wipe out and reinstall new windows from scratch and get rid of junk apps

But I’m only concern about a few savings for some apps and games
And the hp assistances if that’s good

Do you have any suggestions

Sorry, slow down! You only have a battery issue on 1809? Bluetooth ok now?

Lol sorry
No adding to my Bluetooth issues
I’m wondering if that’s a good idea risking of wiping out and re installing getting rid of junk softwares
Like old days of windows xp

Ok. I get you now. Every update seems to mix differently but yes its just feature changes I picked up as well.

First one I believe I confirmed to be a feature change with Bluetooth audio in 1803. There is a workaround with the Windows registry if you are comfortable applying it. If not I could see if there’s another way to get it to you.

The battery issue may be an issue with power management and the CPU assuming background apps aren’t somehow overusing their resources. You can run the troubleshooter in Windows to see if it knows anything. You can go to Settings app > Update & security > Troubleshoot and post back what it says.

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Yayyy after months of searching now my Bluetooth works well again with registery change

Wish to find something similar FarFaram battery
Thank youuuu

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with regards to you battery,

perform a calibration test

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Yes in most cases. This one he is describing is because of a bug or feature change in Windows.

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In most of my dealing with a Windows Feature that gives us unwanted perks; a calibration can help.

Happen to a few Dell Latitude which i repaired due to this

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@Kasra could try with HP on the issue. There’s still quite a few open bugs. Mind you, Microsoft has some work on a few other areas so OEMs aren’t exactly a priority, yet. As far as I’ve heard.

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Yeah i have a feeling that’s not a hardware issue
However HP diagnosis software gives an error
( blown fuse)
To provide more details i need to say i have uninstalled battery in device manager and when i reboot and re plug the AC it goes to 85 then dropes to 74% and stays there plug in charging on 74%

I remember when i had ios 12 betta on my iphone 7 plus I could see battery drain with my eyes and customer service was telling me i have to change my battery
Then i downgrade and and waited for official release and now 2 years later with same battery it is still working like the first day

The HP software is not going to work. Sounds like it was written for a previous version of Windows. Based on the stats dropping it sounds like Windows does not know how to read it either.

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You could try this:

  1. Uninstall / Install Battery Driver
    Shut down your computer > Detach power chord > Remove battery (if fixed no need to remove) > Attach power chord > Reboot your computer
    Windows Key+X > Device Manager > Expand Batteries > Right-click Microsoft ACPI-Compliant System > Uninstall > Shutdown the computer > Remove the power chord > Attach your battery > Attach your power chord > Reboot the computer to automatically install the driver

Otherwise you fall in the pattern of the existing bug reports since build 1803. Downgrade to your working build is still possible should you need it.

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I did that a few times and no chance
It gets confused at first and shows different numbers and gets back to 74
I don’t know if i can go back to 1709 or should i go for 1903 or just leave it like this
I don’t know if that makes my battery damaged the way it is now

By the way is it a good idea to wipe it out and fresh install a new one and get rid of those softwares
I only have some softwares that I’m not sure if they’re gonna work after

( i have a surface pro when i reset it start menue stopped working and i had to use media creation tool and fresh install it to get it back to work normally)

I can still poke around and in the bug database. Sounds like you’re OK to wait on that one.

Oh ok, the last part sounds familiar. You can also re-install with the Surface recovery build next time, that will put back the recovery partition.

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1709 is out of support as of April 9, 2019 you don’t want to go back anyway. Do you have a spare hard drive, you can take out the current hard and put the spare hard drive in and do a clean install of 1903. Do all of the updates and just test how it does, if it fine leave it, if not put the the other drive back in you don’t lose anything and back to where you were.

I keep extra hard drives for this. It could be that machine has been updated so much or stay on 1809 and do nothing. I’ve moved all my machines to 1903, done both clean installs and updates over current versions everything is fine but you’ll have to decide.

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Still valid but I’ve seen some Enterprise customers still holding off because of all the update changes you are not seeing. I happen to be in the same group for my own reasons.

I pointed this out to the chat room last night during the TWiT taping but some users don’t have it at their fingertips.

  • Start Menu Critical Error
  • Microsoft Edge won’t launch
  • VMWare 14 no longer working.
  • Users still unable to perform searches from the Start Menu search.

That’s on top of the bugs being faced by users like this who expect the updates to work without the OEM having to test and patch them with Microsoft.

Also forgot about hardware support being discontinued at the same time such as my Intel NIC, none of the advanced software features will work on the driver set without another update. This has happened twice with a patch put in by Intel without any additional support by Intel’s partners.

I was in chat and watching live however, it wouldn’t hurt to test on another hard drive, again its up to this person, its just a suggestion, on 4 PC’s including a Toshiba laptop from 2012 and 3 custom built desktops one with a 10 year old motherboard. I didn’t have any of those issues with that update, 1903 is running great on all of them.

Honestly, I’m done using Windows. I’ll always have it running somewhere so I can help people, but no one should have to put up with this.

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Trying out a live USB drive of Linux wouldn’t be a bad idea, either. Windows can really be a major PITA. Taking it out of the loop for testing purposes might give more insight.

It’s also possible that at least part of the battery has actually died.

Just some potential things to look at.