Windows 10 2004 broke Bluetooth devices

I upgraded to Windows 10 2004 and my Bluetooth mouse & handset no longer connect. I have found other examples of this problem on the net as well.

Lenovo ThinkPad t480, mouse, keyboard and headset fine. Spectre x360, mouse and Ryzen 7 PC with 5€ amazon BT dongle, mouse and keyboard all working fine here on 2004.

What chipset are you using? New drivers available?

See the official MS site for info on known issues and possible workarounds:

My read of this is that the real problem is related to the Realtek drivers and MS has to wait for them to get their sh*t together and fix it. Probably, if we’re lucky, it will be included with next week’s Patch Tuesday patches.


IOW, Microsoft broke your existing, perfectly working drivers!!!

There are no such thing as perfectly working drivers of any consequence. It’s software–software has bugs. Please stop pretending like any other platform is perfect. They’re ALL a collection of bugs that you’re just used to.


didn’t say any platform was perfect, I said

ie. He had no issues with his BT devices, they worked correctly, then after the update by MS, they don’t work! MS broke his stuff

And what I said, is that it’s drivers for ONE brand (Realtek). So clearly it’s not MS at fault, but that brand’s drivers were not fully compliant with the OS API. Most likely MS made a change that was communicated with lots of time, and they STILL didn’t supply working drivers on time.


a lot of assumptions and guesses in that opinion

but in the final analysis, Microsoft did an update and now his BT devices don’t work

To be fair to Microsoft, Windows 10 2004 was in beta for quite a while and OEMs have access to the builds to update their drivers.

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well lets try another final analysis; he purchased a non-compliant product that failed to handle a system update correctly.

this is the curse/blessing of the Microsoft way, a world of vendors that can do whatever they please until it doesn’t work. we get some weird compatibility problems with those organizations who design on the fringe. but it also means we get super cheap and sometimes super innovative components.


I hear your point, but the “non-compliant” product that he bought worked fine until the update broke it - at any rate you’re right it is a curse/blessing and what makes Windows a dumpster fire!!

Some people like to live in a world where one company makes everything for them and then spoon feeds it to them for high prices, and the rest of live in a world of choice and flexibility where virtually any company can participate without restriction. Some people can install and use the app on their devices and some cannot get permission from their overlord.


Hahahahaha silliness!!!