Windows 10 21H1 General Availability has begun

I was a seeker, and was just rewarded with the upgrade to Windows 10 21H1. This being a Tuesday after patch Tuesday, it makes sense to begin it today. (In the sense that this is how Microsoft has operated in the past.)



I took the plunge on one of my machines, and it was quick and painless. (Assuming your machine was/is otherwise up to date.) I can’t see any differences at all, but I am sure something minuscule changed somewhere.


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Figures, I just finished upgrading my stuff to 20H2…

Same here. The update went perfectly without any hitches.

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Installed it on my home machine (Migration tool), took forever. The update in the background took around an hour, then the reboot around 40 minutes.

Upgraded my work laptop and test VM with the WSUS update package, installed in under 10 seconds, reboot took about 5 seconds longer than normal.

First login after reboot, my home desktop went through the “Hello, we’ve changed a few things, it will take a few moments” waffle. The VM and my laptop went straight into the desktop as if nothing had changed.

Not seeing any visual differences on any of the devices so far and they are stable (the main thing). I’ll see how it pans out of the next couple of weeks, before I start rolling it out to the other users.

Interestingly, under Updates, none of the machines says that they have installed the 21h1 update, yet in System → Info they all say that they are on 21h1… :confused:

Updated a Lenovo laptop and Dell desktop from 20H2 to 21H1. Really quick update but haven’t seen any new features I would use. Its a small update if you’re on 2004(20H1) or 2009(20H2) but will be a huge update if you’re on 1909 and earlier. I’ve had a few machines get stuck in a rollback loop trying to upgrade from 1909 to 20H2. Hopefully that doesn’t happen going from 1909 to 21H1