Windows 10 20H2 Rollout Begins

I have one machine that runs multiple instances of Windows virtual machines (separation of concerns.) They’re the least complicated machines (no unusual virtual hardware, and almost no installed extra software.) Presumably because they’re uncomplicated machines, they’re one of the first machines to get offered new updates (because there should be few blockers, and because I suspect a lot of people use VirtualBox like I do, and so Microsoft has lots of data on these types of machines.) A few of them were just offered the new Windows 10 20H2 update. This is mostly just flipping some registry switches and incrementing the build number by one. For most people already on Windows 10 20.04 this should be an easy and quick upgrade with little risk.

I went from:
20.04: Microsoft Windows [Version 10.0.19041.572]
20H2: Microsoft Windows [Version 10.0.19042.572]


It does, however, require a restart:


And the most noticeable change is a nicer looking (IMHO) Start menu, where there is less clashing of the colour scheme:

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Are those the Insider Program versions? I’ve just downloaded the update assistant and currently downloading and updating.

No, those are the final release versions… or at least they should be. That’s taken from a [virtual] machine that is not on any special release.

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Ah okay. I didn’t even look at Windows Update. I just downloaded the Update Assistant. It’s taking a while to update. Currently at 85%

If you need an ISO (to boot a VM with, say) then you can produce one with the Windows Download Tool… but you can also direct download it, so long as your browser agent doesn’t send a Windows identifier. I use an agent modifying extension, appear to be a Linux machine, and download from: (If you don’t get the agent right, this will redirect you to the page to force you to use the download tool.)

For the first few weeks, only a limited number of “know good” combinations will be offered the update. Everybody else will need to download the update assistant.

It took an hour and a half to install (including download). That is the longest a Windows 10 update has taken for a long time

Interesting, it was really fast for me… no more than 10 minutes tops. It would take longer if you weren’t previously on 20.04, but I presume you were, so I donno why it got so slow. But then I didn’t do it the same way you did, so maybe the Update Assistant has gotten slow.

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Yes, I did an update last night, and it took a little longer. In fact, for 60 minutes, it just said “restarting” - Nothing else. No percentage or anything

Since the hard drive light was still going, I had hope it wasn’t simply stuck. I was going to give it another hour, and then contemplate pulling the plug because I thought something was wrong

Yeah, I think using Upgrade Assistant downloads the whole OS and applies the image it downloads. Windows Update probably just updates the components. Anyway, it’s all working and doesn’t look much different, but have finally got WSL2 working - it would not work before.

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@thurrott said that the new Chredge is part of Windows 10 20H2. I wonder if the rollout will not happen for people who have not already gotten the update that installs it, or if that is part of the slower updates for some people because it has to be installed first/concurrently?

I have wsl2 with version 20.04. Did it not work for you?

No, it didn’t work for me. Just did nothing when I tried to start. 20H2 has fixed it for me.

Hmm interesting, I got it working on both 19.09 and 20.04. Oh well, since it is working for you now I guess everything is fine :slightly_smiling_face:

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Early on I tried WSL 2 on a Windows Preview build, but couldn’t get it to launch inside of a VM. (I presume it might be related to nested virtualization.) I had had WSL 1 working on the same machine previously though.

In any case, there was a recent patch issue:

20H2 showed up upon seeking and installed fine on my 2017 Lenovo Thinkpad T470s after applying all the Lenovo firmware and driver updates. It was coming from 1909.

I put it on my Ryzen 1700 desktop and I haven’t noticed any difference so far.

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Apart from the difference with the live tiles, I haven’t noticed much either. I can now more easily select monitor frequency as part of the modern control panel too. I cannot get the new alt-tab behaviour to cycle through the Edge tabs to work though.

The Dell Mobile Connect app is great so far! Just tried it last week. Gives me all my iphone notifications.