It seems Windows 10 20H2 is fully unleashed

It seems Windows 10 20H2 is fully unleashed, except for any machines on protective hold. I am having all my physical and virtual machines offered it along with yesterday’s Patch Tuesday updates.

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I’ve been rolling it out here for a couple of weeks. All new devices going out at the moment are updated to 20H2 before they go out the door.


Thanks for the heads up.

Just did a fresh install on my first gen Surface Book and Microsoft’s download site gave me a 20H2 image.

Although the Surface Laptop 3 I just unboxed came with 1909 and won’t update past that :thinking:

Does it have Thunderbolt? If it does, then it’s probably still on protective hold because there is some BSOD issue with removable Thunderbolt devices.

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Yeah I saw that. I may wait a bit more. It did offer to upgrade.

If you’re already on 2004 there is no reason not to go to 20H2. The only noticeable difference is the more attractive (to my eyes) Start Menu (and the requirement to use Chredge, but that is no biggie for most people anyway, they’re probably not using Edge, and if they are, Chredge is an improvement for them.)


Chredge…The one thing that I Iike in windows at the moment. Thanks for the heads up! I’m looking forward to the GUI improvement. My main pet peeve with Win10 is Non-unified Settings. Can we just have them all in one spot. good grief :rofl:

PS. I won’t be installing it in Arch. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

I’ve never had problems with Thunderbolt (my laptop was upgraded to 2004 on release day, 2009 about 2 - 3 days after release, using a WSUS test group).

With 2009 there was about a week of “powermgt.exe not found” errors on logging on, but Lenovo pushed out an update quickly. Otherwise there have been no problems.

20H2 is probably the smallest Windows revision yet. I got it Tuesday and installed it after the monthly cumulative update and it was an almost instant install and reboot. The cumulative update took longer to install than it did.

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As near as anyone can tell 20H2 is mostly just 2004 with a few extra feature “flags” enabled. If you were otherwise already up to date (and had the new Chredge as well) then it should be a very quick and painless update. If you need some of the other features, or you install it “in lieu” of a cumulative update, it will take a little longer, but is still generally painless.

You definitely nailed that!

Have a day off work today and decided to start the update before heading out to do some yard work. It finished updating before I could finish putting on my work clothes, and the reboot was faster than I could lace my work boots.

Thanks again for the info.

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After upgrading to the Windows 10 October 2020 update, a bug is not allowing users to perform in-place upgrades using the Microsoft Media Creation Tool (MCT).