Will Steve switch his alliance?

With the Twit Network now having Brave as a sponsor will Steve Gibson stop promoting Firefox on SN?

I hope not. I like to hear unbiased opinions on different technologies, not just the things that are sponsored. Leo has been pretty good at keeping an open mind in the past.

Your thoughts?

Of course not. Don’t confuse advertising with editorial.


Good to hear Leo. BTW, welcome back. Its nice to have you back in the chair.

Have been trying Brave on iOS. Seems to block ads differently than the ad blocking plugin I am using for Safari. Even gets rid of the nag notices.

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It wouldn’t surprise me if he tries it instead of Chrome - I know he uses both Firefox as his main browser and Chrome for some minor stuff. There is a lot to like on Brave, although I still prefer Firefox myself.

The other thing about Firefox is that it, along with Safari, is about the only browser left that doesn’t use the Blink engine and most also use the root Chromium project as their base. Keeping variety in the browser ecology makes it stronger and more resistant to attack.

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I’ve been using Brave for about 6 months on Linux, Mac, and IOS. I hide the Brave Rewards button, since I don’t use that program. I like that it incorporates Ad-Blocking, so I don’t need to load UBlock Origin (or worry that Google will cripple it in the future). As an Admin, I need to keep different browsers logged into different accounts, so i run Brave, Chrome, and Chromium simultaneously, but Brave is my main and preferred browser. I also run Firefox on the mac, but still prefer Brave there as well.

Steve and his zillion tabs. Well, to each their own.

If anything he should try Vivaldi for a chromium based browser. I think he would find a lot of use for the side panel and extra functions.