Where can I find the original YouTube discovery podcast?

I have been searching for it on the twit.tv website, but maybe I’m not going about it the best way. If anyone knows which episode number it was, please let me know.

It wasn’t on TWiT, it was on the old Call for Help show out of Toronto. Rogers produced and aired it but I don’t think they ever made a podcast out of it. Fortunately they’ve stopped airing that old episode!

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That wad a G4 episode, not on TWiT, I think.

Looking for it on Youtube (meta) but enjoy this while you wait. Leo learns about blogs!

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I know, you talked about it recently and now I’m interested. Historical stuff like that is fun to watch :slight_smile: Thanks for the info, I’ll do some sleuthing now that I know where it aired.

Found it! YouTube actually published the video themselves to support their platform.

:open_mouth: Nice find!!!
(Extra exclamation for 20 char min)

Edit: Poor Amber :pleading_face: Literally her goose was cooked :sob:

OMFG. Thanks so much for finding that (it’s from the Australian How-To channel). And man, was I fat!

No problem! I knew that YouTube came to be around 2005, so I did a custom google query for “Leo Laporte what is YouTube” from January 1 2005-2006.

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Hah love that! Reminds me of Bryant Gumbel and Katie Couric trying to figure out ‘what is the internet’ :joy:

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Those are some pretty interesting videos of the good ole’ days. Love it!

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