TWIG 644: The Year's Best

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My podcast app is saying “the URL could not be found”. The URL it was using is

When something similar has happened in the past, I could usually get round it by unsubscribing and re-subscribing, but I thought I’d report it first before trying that.

Yeah it’s zero bytes. Not sure what’s happening. The audio is working on the web site. It may be the CDN had a cache miss or maybe megaphone screwed it up. We’ll check.

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Hi Clayton,

That URL isn’t the correct MP3 filename. It should be pointing at a different filename on Megaphone.

If you refresh the feeds in your app (assuming the app has that feature) then you should get the correct download URL.

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Refreshing the feeds fixed it just fine. Only mentioned it because I thought it might be worth at least making a record of it happening. I’ve had it maybe 4 times in the last 2 years, so it’s pretty rare. I guess my app is picking up up the wrong URL somehow, and it never changes that unless I force it to recreate the entry.

Anyhow, problem solved, and thanks for the quick response!

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