Hello TWiT Army... from Canada

Hello folks,

My name is Dennis, and I am a long time listener (and chat room lurker) and first time poster. I have been following Leo since the good ol’ “Screen Savers” days with Patrick Norton, and back when Kevin and Sarah were dating and being lightly teased for it if I remember right! :slight_smile: Then I followed Leo and his antics up here in Canada on “Call For Help” with Amber MacArthur and “The Lab with Leo Laporte”. Finally I have been loyal listener of the TWiT Netcast Network since the early days at the cottage. And Leo is right… Netcast is more ‘correct’ than Podcast!

I became an Electronics Technologist mainly because of the influence of my father and Billy Mumy… boy genius of “Lost in Space”, and a computer engineer because of the Commodore PET and VIC20 computers, along with the instruction of a little known TVO show called “Bits and Bytes” with Billy Van and Luba Goy. You can still find those classic episodes on Youtube. I work as a Senior Data Center Network and Security Architect these days. I am also a lifelong photographer and audiophile of over 40 years.

Well enough with all that… I am more than pleased to finally crawl out of my shell and join you all on this fantastic forum/community. Cheers Everyone!



Welcome Dennis, I’m from Adelaide in Australia :slight_smile:

Thanks so much Pommster and pleased to meet you!


Yes, I remember seeing at least the first episode when I was a kid. “Bits and bytes of information… turning darkness to light…”

Luba Goy went on to fame with Air Farce, but I donno whatever became of Billy Van.

A very warm welcome from a cold, but sunny North Germany!

I really like Bill Mumy in Babylon 5, we never really got Lost in Space in the UK, when I was growing up.

I started on a Sinclair ZX81 and had PETs at school, I then upgraded to a VIC=20 at home, then a bunch of esoteric British computers - Memotech MTX500 (was used in Wierd Science), Amstrad CPC6128, before I ran through some Amigas (500 and 1200).

At work, I always worked on various platforms, from VMS and UNIX to Mac and DOS. I have always kept that variety and I am still fairly platform agnostic to this day - I use Windows 10, Raspian, CentOS, Debian, SUSE and Mint at home.

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Welcome aboard from Texas!

Welcome! Glad to see you joined the fun

:wave: from Munich, Germany - good to meet you! :slight_smile:

hello and welcome looking forward to hearing from you

Hi PHolder, thanks for your message, and cool… someone else that remembers that classic show!

I think Luba and Billy went on to do the show again in the 1990s… but sadly Billy passed away in the early 2000s from cancer.

And hello and thanks big_D, Mistershipwreck, CleVeRFeLLa, carbonga, and rolandmsmith, so nice to meet you all too! Cheers, D.


And Welcome Dennis. I’m in Canberra Australia.

@Demmos where in Canada are you?

Thank you Stupper08! That appears to be a nice looking Strat is your hands! I have a few of those too! :wink:


Hello Boffin, I live in Southern Ontario. Where are you in the great big country?


@Demmos we’re practically neightbours I’m sure. Do you know Bob Smith? wink (I would classify my location as the Greater GTA.)

In case my joke would be misconstrued… It’s not uncommon for a Canadian visiting the larger US States to hear something akin to “Oh you’re from Canada… do you know ___ ?”

Long story there. I started off into electronics when I was curious about my guitar amp as a kid. That led me to working in the tv broadcast world for 9 years. Then I went back to uni to study Chiropractic. When I’m not at the clinic I’m playing in my band (well, until all the gigs dried up with the COVID shelter in place)
Thankfully I’ve been a Twit fan for >10 years so the shows and the community keep me informed and ?sane :face_with_monocle:

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I am on the other side of the country, in Calgary.

Hello from Colorado!

Well hello @Demmos and @PHolder , downtown Toronto here!