TTG 1935 for Saturday 15 October 2022

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My thoughts on Sunday’s show is that it was disgusting how ignorant Leo was to Julian V. Just because Leo thinks everyone should walk around wearing hazmat suits & doesn’t think people should have a choice is no excuse for him to talk over him & then hang up on him. If I was Julian I wouldn’t be listening to him anymore. If it wasn’t for the decent tech tips I wouldn’t listen anymore.

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Thanks for your input. You are more than welcome not to listen, but any reasonable public health professional would agree that it’s reasonable to require masks on transport intended for people with special needs, including impaired immune systems.

Are you seriously proposing that you needn’t wear a mask around people with supressed immune systems? Then you are a monster.

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Have the YouTube music links moved somewhere? I can’t find them for last two shows.

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They should always show up on the Sunday show notes, but sometimes a day or two later.

I’ll make sure the editors are still doing that.