What's Leo using as a browser now?

@Leo heard you mention you don’t use Chrome anywhere, what are you using now?

Depends on the show, but he mentions Firefox a lot.

Short answer: I use 'em all.

Long answer: I haven’t used Chrome in ages. I also moved away from Gmail. I’m not as much of a Google fan as I used to be for a variety of reasons. In general, I’ll always prefer open to proprietary, and smaller companies to the behemoths.

On Linux I use Firefox. On Windows I’ve been using Edge. On Mac I use Safari. It’s my job to use a variety of platforms and programs so I am familiar with them all. I also regularly fire up Brave, Opera, and Vivaldi. Google has turned Chrome into a data gathering machine and I refuse to use it.

If I didn’t have to answer questions about every technology known to man I’d probably just use Linux and Firefox.

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