Forbes warns don't use Google Chrome

I for one will not be following the advise to not use Chrome the Browser. But then I am old enough to not give a f**k.

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Why did you post a Google Drive link?


I haven’t used Google Chrome as my main browser, ever. I did use it as a backup and when doing web development for testing.

My main browser has always been Firefox, but it has become increasingly more unreliable on Android, so I switched to Brave this month. Apart from YouTube, I don’t use any Google services and a vast majority of Google tracking domains are blocked.

I use DuckDuckGo and Ecosia for search, for example.

Edit: Original article from Forbes

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It showed up in my Google news feed. I decided to save it to drive.

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My main browser is Firefox but their marketshare seems to be dwindling so I wonder how long they will be around.

As for Android Chrome alternatives, how does Brave compare to Vivaldi in terms of skeeviness. I’ve always wondered about Brave and some of the decisions they’ve made wrt adding affiliate links and some of the other “oopsies” they were accused of. For that reason I’m leaning towards Vivaldi but I don’t know how THEY monetize either.

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I don’t use Chrome but the article you link to is problematic. Most of the “experts” he quotes are people with businesses that compete with Google.

If you really want to guard your privacy I recommend a visit to - but I have to point out, no solution is complete and it’s a never-ending battle requiring constant vigilance.

And you have to ask, to what end? So advertisers don’t know anything about you? That seems like an awful lot of work just for that.

I’d say use whatever tools give you the best experience.


Forges is useful, but only with a sceptical approach. There are a lot of articles there made up from unquestioning copy and paste.

Chrome is the best browser out there. I’m glad they keep on adding to it. Love the new tab-grouping feature.

Edge has had tab grouping for a long time. Firefox and Brave respect your freedom and are faster as a result, Vivaldi is much faster, more flexible and customisable… Chrome is just the most used, it isn’t the best at anything, other than feeding Google you data.


“…other than feeding Google your data.”

Yup, that’s probably the best part about Chrome. Much better tailored experience because of said data.