Leo's Top Software


What software do you use on a daily basis? Ex: I noticed that you use Manjaro and Notion for notes etc. I was wondering what other software you use frequently. I thought I noticed that you used Google Drive once, but I know you are against Google. What do you use for cloud storage, docs, reminders, calendar, email etc?

Just curious what all software you use, and recommend in general :slight_smile:

I think it depends a lot on the show and the hosts.

For Windows Weekly, he uses Notion, because that is what Paul and Richard use, for TWiG, they use Google Workspace (One?).

Streaming is pretty much all Zoom, AFAIK.

OS is also show dependent, he says he uses Linux privately, but he always has to have a Mac and a Windows machine. There are times, when this becomes confusing. On one show, he will say he uses a Mac or prefers a Mac, on the next, he uses Windows and praises that (although I haven’t heard him praising Windows much in the last 3 years or so) and on yet others, he says that he mainly uses Linux.

Some of it will be for the show’s audience - using a Mac on MacBreak Weekly, a Windows PC on Windows Weekly etc. For streaming, as far as I am aware, Macs are just more stable/reliable, when it comes to screen feeds, for example, especially compared to Linux, although, listening to the Unamed Linux Show, it seems that recent advances in the replacement for PulseAudio, PipeWire, is starting to mature and become more reliable, so it might offer a good platform in the future.

But it would certainly be interesting to see what he uses for himself, as opposed to having to use one or other software, depending on a show’s requirements.

Yeah I would like to know what he prefers personally. Maybe some OS specific options too. I personally use MacOS and Linux. So to know what software he uses on both and ultimately what he prefers would be cool.

General software in any category that you’d like to talk about @Leo . The primary reason that I’m asking is that I want privacy, however; I also feel like I’m losing a lot of functionality with privacy. Ex: I use StartPage to get google results but still have to rely on Google searches for anything related to a location, even if I type in the name of the place and city/state I still don’t get the address unless I type it into Google.

I feel like Proton is good for email,files, and calendar but they don’t offer tasks, docs, or reminders etc. Tuta is another good option for email. I was trying Notesnook but have noticed lots of minor glitches and annoyances, especially when trying to copy and paste anything outside of the app, it will only copy/paste one paragraph at a time.

I don’t want my personal data used for targeted advertising etc. Even though I have a Google Workspace account that supposedly doesn’t use my data, I still feel like it does.

@Leo do you use a personal assistant like Siri?

I’m just curious what software you use daily and prefer personally, unrelated to any specific shows. Anything from docs, cloud storage, to video editing. I’m curious whats on your list of preferred or recommended software for MacOS and Linux.

At work we use Google Workspaces, including Gmail for our corporate email. The show rundowns are all done on Google Sheets except for Windows Weekly where we used OneNote forever, but changed last year to Notion. That’s up to Paul.

I like Logseq for my personal notes. I used Obsidian for a long time and still think very highly of it. Oh and Org-Roam in Emacs.

I’m a big Emacs guy - spend more time in that than any other single program. For my browser I used Firefox for years but have lately been loving Arc on macOS. On Windows it’s still Firefox until Arc gets a little better.

For my email I use Mailmate on macOS and the Fastmail apps everywhere else.