I switched to Edge as my primary browser

For people that are still using Google Chrome, I just want to say the Microsoft Edge is a great browser. For me it is faster and I have a more piece of mind when it comes to privacy. I highly recommend it. I wish I could say the same for their mobile app, which still needs work. However the desktop browser is great. I never thought I would choose to go back to a Microsoft browser. I started using a non-Microsoft browser back when Firefox was still called Firebird.

Anyone else using Edge as their primary browser?


I’ve been using Phoenix/Firebird/Firefox since the early alpha stage. But it has been causing me more and more problems recently, especially on Android, where it refuses to work with my password manager.

I switched a couple of weeks ago to Brave for personal browsing. I use Edge on my company PC for Microsoft 365 management purposes.

I’m using it on my work computer and it’s working well but I don’t have a choice of browser there (other than IE!). 100 x better than legacy edge.

I also use it on my own windows devices but as a secondary browser. I think it’s now on par with chrome but dint think it’s any better. I was a little bit excited about vertical tabs but it doesn’t gain you any extra space at the top of the screen so seems a bit pointless.

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What if the point is to make it easier to read and navigate open tabs because they’re not collapsed?

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I currently have 25 horizontal tabs open in edge and they are all directly accessible on my laptop screen. I switch that to vertical tabs and I now have list that goes off of the screen which I have to scroll through.

I hadn’t tried vertical tabs before so I think I was just expecting more vertical space at the expense of less horizontal space. It’s personal preference at the end of the day but I’ve switched back to horizontal.

The one benefit is that you can see more of the title of the tab on vertical tabs.

I switched all Vivaldi and Chrome instances I was running a few months ago. I also run the Edge beta on my personal rig. I’m a fan so far. I appreciate the “bare-bones” feel of the program, and it’s compatible with the few number of extensions I run.

However, some of the new features they’ve introduced are a bit questionable to me. The sleeping tabs thing that gets enabled by default drove me crazy for the first hour or so before I realized what was going on. Also peeved that they put the vertical tabs button next to my existing tabs. Guess we’re just throwing UI elements wherever we please now :roll_eyes:. And Collections? No thanks. I don’t even use bookmarks though so I’m probably not their target demographic. It feels like something that should have been an extension rather than an integrated feature though. Also, the re-worked history interface is awful.

What problems have you had with the mobile app? I’ve been using that longer than I’ve been using the desktop program. I like the clean look, and the sync between desktop is nice.

Every time I try to switch to FireFox I end up leaving pretty annoyed because there is always something which seems to screw up with it. It’s sad, I really want to use it.

I use Firefox, pretty much exclusively, on desktop. I do, rarely, use Chrome when I encounter a website that my privacy settings block on Firefox. I have the opposite problem… when I leave Firefox I end up getting so annoyed by any other browser that I can’t wait to get back to Firefox. The only thing that ever annoys me about Firefox is when I try to copy and paste small text snippits from a page… it doesn’t always work as I’d like, but I don’t expect any browser works any better because that is a trivial feature.

It does make me curious what sorts of issues you’ve run into with Firefox that make you unhappy with it?


Same here. Firefox on the PC and Firefox or Firefox Focus on the phone. Though I do use Chrome for my Google/Gmail tabs.

I see sites now only supporting Chrome, Safri and Edge - which makes me nervous.

Safari and Edge. Sometimes Firefox when accessing a site with a secondary login.

Chrome is such a memory hog that I stopped using it a few years back.


Safari and Edge, with an occasional foray with Firefox

I just downloaded Edge on my iPhone. It’s a very pretty browser. I don’t see how to use reading mode on the phone, though, so I doubt I’ll use it. Ads on the phone make many blogs unbearable.

I use a few browsers mainly edge in windows, mobile, OS 11 big sur and I even tried the Linux build.

I am having problems with YouTube on desktop. But am using canary builds

So gives me a chance to use brave