WebIRC upgrade time

There are 2 standout issues with the current webIRC (qwebirc) so I suggest a replacement.
Currently the webIRC needs Flash for sound notifications to work.
Using HTTPS fails. I have used qwebirc with HTTPS so I know it works.

I suggest a modern and very stylish webIRC front end with more of the features you get in real IRC clients.
It is also themeable so can be made to look seamless with the site design.
(you can test the demo site with any freenode room)

Why not better a Discord server? This is a plug-in to embed Discord to a web page with guest support, that way we phone users would not be out of the conversation

That is a different topic.
Discord would be another chat platform not a replacement. Lots of users connect with real IRC clients (I am one of them).

My suggestion is for what currently exists to use HTTPS (so webIRC passwords are encrypted) and given modern features such as sound without flash, and link previews like we have here and in real IRC clients (and discord).