IRC Client Recommendations

Anyone here have any IRC client recommendations for iOS? I used to use Mutter, but after upgrading to iPad OS, it refuses to save any of my connection settings.

A friend, on Android and Linux, recommends Quassel and I see there is an iOS app as well. The premise here is that you run a Quassel server on some device and then you can connect/disconnect various devices. (If you know IRC lore well, it’s like a bouncer built into a client.)

A completely different idea might to get an IRCCloud account (a web service) and use a web browser…?

I’m still using LimeChat and it works good enough for me. It has bad reviews but the ones about the iPhoneX keyboard are not accurate, as that has been fixed with an update.


It also isn’t in the App Store anymore… I wonder what happened…

Probably 32bit only and not updated?

I also use Lime Chat but for MacOS. I’ll have to give the iOS version a try.

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I doubt it. I believe iOS 11 killed 32-bit app support. Mutter wouldn’t have worked at all in iOS 12 if that were the issue.

Thanks, I’ll give it a shot. Looks like Mutter has been deprecated.

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Update: I ended up going with Igloo. It seems to be updated more often. Fingers crossed it will last a while.