TWiT & OBS Ninja

@Leo I know that you’ve been testing OBS Ninja recently and that you’ve occasionally had some issues and want some extra features (if I’m correct). I don’t remember exactly what you were talking about on TWiT last Sunday, couldn’t you guys forlk OBS Ninja and modify it to your needs?

On another note, are you thinking of using the ATEM Mini Extreme in any workflows (maybe at your desk)?

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WebRTC, the backbone of OBS.Ninja, has difficulty with complex network architectures. I think that’s why we’re not seeing the excellent results so many other people are getting. We’ve just about given up on it.

I still consider it important to find a replacement for Skype, so we’re looking at Zoom, now. Alex Lindsay seems to think it’s the best, and he probably has more experience with streaming two-way convos than anyone.

I have an ATEM Mini and Burke is building me a custom Pelican carrying case for it. I’ll use it for remote and home use.

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Does he think Zoom is best in terms of technical superiority? Or because it’s the easiest for the layperson to use? Sorry if this was discussed on air, I must have missed it.

Both, Alex talked about it on Office Hours on Monday if I remember correctly. But mostly quality like what @Leo mentioned in his reply.

I remember you mentioning that on air. I think that the Extreme could be useful to you for shows like TTG so that you can control the stream from your desk it could be connected to the TriCaster through a Streaming Bridge so you don’t have to configure it to the stream. Also, once you can start doing shows in person again it might make sense to set up a standard ATEM Mini for the roundtable.

Though I guess it hypothetically it could be a way to get screen shares from remote guests

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Out of curiosity, what was your implementation like? Did you run multiple instances on each Skype avatar or were you using one single instance with all the hosts in the same one?

What web browser were you running it in? I found an issue in the GitHub saying that there are problems with it in Firefox. Did you try Steve’s custom Chromium build?

I just thought of something, hypothetically you could run OBS Ninja from a device outside the network since each guest is just a web capture scene.

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