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Been a follower since I saw your shows on Foxtel in the late 90’s here in OZ.
Avid follower and listener of Twit shows.

Anyway wanted to tell you to put a link or some indication about this community/forum on your website - It took me a while to find this on my own after hearing about it on one of your shows.

Keep up the good work.

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Love the Community! Long awaited Mr. Leo. I would think that most people listen on Podcast and cannot interact the same as the live folks. Thanks for the forum to interact with others TWiTs


Will TWiT hosts now be paying attention to Twitch chat as well as IRC? iOS Today 467 mentioned it specifically alongside this new and (I’ve never felt comfortable delving into IRC)…

It looks like they’ll be paying attention to chat as they record, and then they’ll be here afterward, from what I’ve seen/heard.

I specifically mean Twitch chat, though. I did just finish listening to Smart Tech Today’s inaugural episode and at the end Mikah specifically mentioned Twitch chat again, so at least for that show it seems input from there will be acknowledged. I honestly wish live chat were moved to these forums 'cause I’m not thrilled with threading through Twitch for it, but just feel queasy about using IRC.

I’m not seeing a way to avoid emails when I get replies here, without un-watching the threads. Is this a short-coming of Discourse, ATM, or am I just missing it?

You can change that in the Notifications section of the settings.

It was bugging Lisa, too. Open your settings for the forum and check the Email settings.

Found it! Thanks, @Leo :+1:

It’s actually in its own Emails section, not under Notifications, @MacPhyle :wink: Not like I blame you; I mean, I’m the one who so expected it to be under Notifications that I had missed it staring me in the face :hugs:

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I only know because I was confused, too.


I wouldn’t mind a way of Watching Hosts’ comments across TWiT.Community, not just their topics. Like, “subscribing” to their activity here, site-wide.

I don’t know if is supposed to have a redirect on it, but the site is apparently broken. I get the equivalent of a 404 and the following message:

We couldn’t find a page for the link you visited. Please check that you have the correct link and try again. If you are the owner of this domain, you can setup a page here by creating a page/website in your account]. works. doesn’t. I have no idea why, but I’ve messed with the DNS so maybe it will work. It’s kind of deprecated anyway in favor of

I figured it was deprecated at this point with the various other sites in existence, but since it is a site many folks know about, I figured I’d raise awareness of the issue. I thought like other sites it would just redirect to or one of the others.

Leo, please reconsider and make Smart Tech Today a video podcast. Video is part of what sets TWIT apart from the other podcasts.
Thanks from a longtime TWIT viewer.

Subscribe and get others to subscribe. That’s how video will happen. 30,000+ subscribers.