Please create an official Roku app

I watch TWiT on my TV using me Roku. The TWiT app was user created and is not longer supported. New show are not showing up.

Please create a Roku app, Roku has a large market share.

YouTube is terrible, there is no way to organize subscriptions and it does not allow you to resume a show if you do not watch all of it at one time.

I am still watching on the unsupported fan made app for the shows it supports… I like the fact that it used to show all of your shows and allow you to resume episodes.

If you are watching via Roku, have you found a workable solution? If so, how?


YouTube is terrible, there is no way to organize subscriptions and it does not allow you to resume a show if you do not watch all of it at one time.

I resume videos that I haven’t finished on my Roku all the time. Not sure why this isn’t working for you.

Apps are expensive to create and maintain. Unless there is a huge demand for a Roku app, I doubt that we’ll ever see an official one.


The Roku app is working for me. :man_shrugging:

Youtube resumes for me, but watching shows in a browser gets preroll ads. Using the YouTube app does not get the ads, but I think that will change soon.

Leo mentioned (I think he did) that depending on YouTube for delivery was a two-edged sword. It is the most popular method in the world, but you lose control over access to your audience.
Episodes have been flagged and taken down for various reasons, most were not violations but the system is setup to flag first and not ask questions. It takes time to get them back up which impacts views.
Any monetization is controlled by YouTube without guarantee that you get any.

Having an alternative method would be a good idea since YouTube can change policy at anytime, or for the times that episodes get flagged there is another way to watch. Think of an app like backing up your data. With Leo on another vacation you can’t expect free fan support, at least toss them a little coin to do the work.

The same for me. Some shows work and some don’t. Leo mentioned on the Tech Guy recently that Roku changed something in their software update and some Apps need to be updated. He also confirmed that the creator of the app is no longer available. I 2nd your wish for somebody to make a new TWIT Roku App.



The Roku YouTube is not without it’s glitches, but for me the resume functionality works perfectly.

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I subscribe on the twit site itself. The generic RSS feeds work fine for me in most podcast and news tools.

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I tried again and the YouTube interface has no way for me to resume.

I also do not listen to audio feeds and will not consume any podcast that does not include video.

Yes they are only talking heads but expression conveys a lot.

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I am also using the native roku app. Haven’t noticed any issues so far.
I have also got the shows I like in plex and can view them in roku as well via the plex app, so keep that as an alternative option.

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I would try to log out of the YouTube app and log back in.

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I will try logging out and into YouTube. Thanks for the suggestion of Plex as an a;alternative.

FYI - The older shows work fine. Hands on Tech and newer shows do not show up at all. I am seriously into photography so I have been watching Ant’s show on YouTube and it is not a good experience.