TWiT Kodi app needs updating

Will there be any updates to the Kodi app? It still lists lots of old shows and the watch live feature broke.
I mainly use it for Security Now, so it is not a big issue for me, but would be nice to see it get some love.

And what is up with the 15 character minimum for titles? I think I will add (title must be 15 characters) to all my topics.

It’s to ensure your titles have some relevance so people can better determine which topics they’re most interested in following up with. Please don’t do as you suggested, it’ll just be more work for a moderator.

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I’ve stopped using the TWIT Kodi app and just use the Kodi Youtube app to watch the TWIT shows.

Just tried to watch Hand on Tech on Youtube, but stopped immediately when the Youtube preroll ads started. Shared the video to Kodie with the Yatse app and no Youtube commercials.

Please get someone to fix the app so the new shows are there. Don’t let Youtube control your audience experience.

I took a look on my firestick for a TWiT app and found TWiT.TV for Firestick, but it costs $1 or 100 coins. Not sure about the paid app, but for $1 might do it, but no idea if it is any better then the Kodi app.

Anyone use it?