TWiT Wiki - Do you use it?

Hey everyone,

I’m curious how many people here are aware of the TWiT Wiki and actually use it. Judging from the number of edits made by people who aren’t me, I’m guessing it’s not many.

In the next few months, we’ll be migrating some stuff to a new server and the TWiT Wiki is among those to be migrated. The MediaWiki software is in desperate need of an update, so we’d likely do that around the same time. However, my question to you folks is… Is it worth it?

A decade ago, the wiki was edited by TWiT staff AND fans alike with additional details on show notes, information on shows, and a lot of other info. These days, I’ve been keeping the show info from getting too severely outdated, but there’s less than a handful of users who make any updates on a regular basis. The list of guests on This Week in Tech, All About Android arena results, and Ham Nation episode info, seem to be the only articles regularly updated by users. Lately, there have been more edits done by spammers than actual users!

So, before I spend a lot of time upgrading it and moving it to a new server, do any other people want to aid in maintaining this? Is there no interest anymore? Should we migrate essential info elsewhere and put it out to pasture? I’d like to hear what TWiT fans think about the wiki.


This is the first I’ve heard of it. Security Now is the only show that I consistently reference show notes on, and I get it from Steve’s site.

I know about it but honestly Patrick, I don’t use it

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I doubt that many listeners even know it exists, because there’s nothing about it that I can see in the obvious places on the site, which is where I’d look for information. I think it ought to be under the About entry on the menu, and also a link at the bottom of the home page and the Podcasts page that says something like “Visit the TWiT Wiki for show notes and information about all our podcasts, past and present”. Then leave it maybe six months to see if the level of activity picks up.

That might get some more activity happening. I’ve certainly used it to look up information about old shows, but I could do with reminding that it has value for newer ones too. Not everyone who gains value from reading a Wiki necessarily wants to edit it too - I’ve only been motivated to do that when I’ve seen something incomplete on a subject where I actually have quite a lot of information.


nope, don’t use it. Don’t even know what it is, does?

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I’m aware of it but haven’t needed to look anything up on it for quite some time.

The only thing I used to look up from time to time was how to watch the live show in vlc since the flash based streaming sites didn’t play nice with my old computer. but that’s not an issue anymore since watching through twitch works well enough now.

I’ve only used it to look at the studio equipment builds every so often. I think last time was after built the latest UGM because I was considering building my own PC and was curious on the parts.
If you incorporated a page on the main web site with this info and kept it updated for us geeks that love this kind of stuff, I think you would be fine dropping the wiki.

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I’m aware of it, but the few times I went over to find more information about something, it was completely empty for that topic…

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I use it all the time as a reference site when people ask me for wallpapers, what hardware we use, for directions to the studio, and how to be on the show. I kind of wish the staff kept it more up to date, but maybe they don’t know about it either.


Well @PDelahanty, I guess you have your answer here :slight_smile:

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I know about it, but very rarely look at it.

I use the wiki occasionally, but mainly to see what formats are available in the various feeds.
The list of twit apps has never been much use for me, as anything that may work on my setup is abandoned and no longer works.

Depending on the nature of the site and wiki, it isn’t something you visit unless you need to. Meh it is a resource, not your daily read. As long as it contains useful info it is there for when needed.
It should be mentioned more often in the shows, same as is done for this forum.

As for visibility, well it is clearly there at the top of on the right.
However it is not visible on the main domain or even in the “more” collection of extras.

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Sadly not on iPad which is my primary access to the Internet when not at work…

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After I saw your post, I looked at my iPad - yup!!!

Yeah, redesigning that site to look more like our current site (and not our pre-2015 site) and have it mobile-responsive has been on my To Do list for A LONG TIME. …but it’s been super low priority because exists.

IIRC, the last time that was redesigned, it was done by a fan. (That was before my time, so I may be mistaken.)


I didn’t realize it existed. I had some hope when I saw this post, but was disappointed when I found it isn’t very well maintained. My specific case is that I binge listen in the car when traveling the state every couple weeks or so. When I get back to the office, I inevitably forget that thing that I heard about in one of those podcast that I was really excited to dig into. I’m old, what can I say? It would be super nice to have show notes for reference. Like someone else mentioned, I search the Security Now! show notes regularly.

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Funny how you don’t get the full desktop site on an iPad (unless you disabled desktop sites).

I’ve used it before many moons ago when I was curious what equipment you use. I guess it’s very out of date now.

I was just recently trying to use it to figure out a nagging question regarding a former TWiT host, but the wiki was so out of date that I had to figure out another way. I considered updating the wiki with what I found, but I wasn’t sure if it was still actually being used.

I feel like it would be used if we had more editors. Unfortunately we have to put you through a manual sign up process due to spammers and that deters quick fixes.

Anyone who wants to help can let me know in the Lounge and I’ll add you. Just give me the email addy you want to use.