Club TWiT Questions and Answers

TWiT is announcing a US$7/mo ad free membership package. More info is available here:

First let me state the obvious, if you don’t want to pay for ad removal then the current TWiT experience, with ads, is NOT changing. This thread is for any other questions that come up.


Any chance of adding PayPal as a way to pay? Don’t fancy paying credit card fees to pay in USD (live in the UK).


Obviously there will be add like insertions into regular content promoting the club. I pray they will be short or I’m gone.

I’m glad TwiT is experimenting. The ad-supported model is great in its own way but it has some serious downsides. Hopefully, this will succeed. :crossed_fingers:t2:


I just joined and I hope it goes well enough for TWiT to not rely on ads much anymore.
One question though. I consume a lot of TWiT shows via Plex and via my podcast player. I see that there are member feeds. Any way to make the video feed work with Plex?



Just joined as well. Interesting setup. Looking forward t to exploring the additional content.

I wonder if I will start missing the ads. Leo’s voice is about the only voice I’d listen to an ad in, for some reason. Hypnotic. lastpass btw - did you know what goes sour like milk? No egress! Nothing is important like a good night’s sleep. Using a vpn is just like kicking the security can down the road.

Sort of seriously: I’d love to see a podcast with only the ads they cut out. lastpass


If memberful doesn’t have international payment options (i.e. without currency translation fees), it will be much more expensive for foreign listeners. I’ll pay with my EU credit card for now and see what sort of fees I’m being charged, on top. I’ll report back, once I have the transaction details.


I just signed in and it is offering audio and video feeds for most of the podcasts (all the ones I know and are current seem to be there).

I use PocketCasts. I selected TWIT + PocketCasts and it displayed a QR Code to scan into my player.

Edit: I added TWIT, TWIG & WW, but the Security Now link is broken.


Cheers Big_D. I have used the podcast links offered with audio for Plex, I am not sure if it works with video but I will try it.
As a backup I have also used the video links with my Mac podcast app.
For mobile I use overcast and the links work fine with it, I have just added a few.

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Just tried to add the Video links to podcast video, but it does not work. Only audio. It would be nice if anyone knows how to add the video feed to Plex as well. Plex is my go to solution to consume TWiT content but I have alternatives, so if this is not possible its not a big deal.

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I am using revolut for this, there are no conversion fees and the rate is decent.

I assume somebody takes the hit for the international transaction. It won’t be PayPal or the credit card company, so will either be us or TWiT?

My normal bank cards and credit cards charge 2.75%. I have a Jaja credit card though I use abroad with no transaction fee. Guess they bump the rate a bit, bit still less than 2.75%.

The likes of PayPal have transactions going on in most countries and they will automatically convert the dollar transaction into Euros at “near” market rates, certainly less than the credit card companies charge. They can do this, because they can offset the transactions in one country against those in another (E.g. an EU user buys $100 of US goods and a US user buys 98€ of EU goods. The transactions more-or-less cancel each other out, so they don’t need to add a huge “currency translation” charge on top.

I often buy on Amazon DE with my UK credit card, the price is automatically translated to GBP and near the going rate and I don’t get a currency charge on my credit card.

Yes, my UK CC charges 2.9% if I remember correctly. Think there may also be a minimum charge of £2.90. Would have to double check that though.

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People have been asking for a subscription model as a way to support TWiT and its programming. Leo has delivered, with what appears to be a great product. Being able to consume the existing content without ads, and the possibility of “member only” podcasts.
I wonder, if I become a member, since my main method of consumption (outside of live) is on my TV, so normally YouTube, does this mean I won’t get the YouTube ads either? I’ve switched to the TWiT Roku app because it seemed every 5 minutes I’d get hit with a YouTube ad.

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I assume you’ll still get YouTube ads. This just removes ads that TWiT inserts.

No. There is no YouTube <–> Club Twit integration. The ad free content is available via members-only MRSS feeds.

I thought I had heard Leo say that you could use Youtube.

So, at this point, no advantage for me to become a member, other than to support TWiT (which is probably reason enough).

I think he was speaking hypothetically about how it would be possible.

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