TWiT Wiki - Do you use it?

Interestingly, when I wrote that I was on an earlier version of iPad OS. Since upgrading to 13.5.1 a couple of days ago, I now see the desktop version of the TWiT Live page with the links across the top. I was running with default settings on both versions (as far as I’m aware) and haven’t changed anything since the upgrade.

The other bonus in Safari that I’ve noticed since the upgrade is that Google results are delivered in the desktop version of the page, instead of the awful tablet version introduced ages ago that made no sense on something with the pixel density of the iPad. At last I have the option of looking at cached pages again.


Used it once, to look up the IRC server address. post that info on the main page and i’m good!

What Clayton said!!!


I just noticed when visiting the TWIT Wiki that it’s shutting down 12/15/22.

Traffic was very low. I’m looking at moving it to a private server but maintenance is also a problem. We won’t throw any content away.

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Discourse supports wiki posts. Maybe this forum could replace the wiki?

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Now, the wiki redirects to but there seems to be no way to get to the content without using

Are there any updates on an official archive of the wiki?

Well, we saved it. That doesn’t mean we’re putting it online. The whole reason we close the wiki was to save money. Usage was very low.

The only updates made to the wiki in the last 5 years were mainly my updates to show info (which was redundant with the site). There were also a couple people who updated Ham Nation info and AAA arena stats, but even those people stopped a couple years ago.

I feel like some of that info (like studio directions) could be migrated as a page on TWIT.TV?

Studio directions have been on the site since at least 2015.
(…although that also meant I had to update any changes in TWO places.)

A list of updated studio equipment would have been interesting. The latest I could find in the archive was still for the brickhouse.

I assume some of the equipment has changed since then.

Edit: Speaking of outdated info, I found this page on about the old studio that doesn’t mention the Eastside Studio and still links to parts of the wiki.

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Can you get to that Brickhouse link anywhere from the TWiT site?

Yes, the second result on :wink:

Other than that, no, I haven’t found a link in a menu or a blog post with a link to the page. I originally found that page through Google.

That last link 404’s for me so I think someone’s been tidying up. :wink:

:thinking: Must show something different for me. But hey, think of it as an archive!

It now only shows up when I search for “about studio”, but redirects to a 404. Maybe the page got removed, but the search index wasn’t rebuilt.

Speaking of old links to the wiki, I noticed the link on also needs to get removed.

Yes, this page is linked at Live | Beyond the Podcast: TWiT Behind the Scenes Live Stream | TWiT.