TWiT Throwback - episodes from 10 years ago today

A while back, I used the TWiT API for an experiment to make a podcast feed that would list episodes of various shows that TWiT published 10 years ago that day. As of last week, it has finally hit the introduction of video, so there are video feeds available too. (Not every show was available as video at this point 10 years ago. For example, the Daily Giz Wiz episodes were still audio-only.)

If you’re curious to hear the latest on the Zune HD, rumors of an Apple tablet, or whatever it is Martin Sargent was talking about, you can find the feeds here:


That is so cool! Thanks @PDelahanty!

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With the studio being out of action for the time being, I think listening to these old shows could be a good way of scratching that TWiT itch!

In the ‘recent’ episodes we’ve got:

  • Dojo toolkit on FOSS weekly (back when @jonobacon was still involved)
  • A Security Now with Alex Lindsay sitting in for Leo
  • The Giz Wiz (never forget)
  • net@night (can’t imagine the memes have aged well…)

“This Week In Fun” with Sarah Lane and Martin Sargent

… this I have to listen to.

Edit: they start off in the beginning talking about how they can’t sit through TWiT shows and how it looks like Leo and Steve Gibson are getting intimate in a photo. :joy_cat:

Okay, who decided to let this guy host a show on TWiT? :stuck_out_tongue: