TWiT show discussions misfiled in the tree

The show discussion for MBW #733 is filed under “TWiT Shows”, but it is not in the “MacBreak Weekly” sub-folder. This is confusing – it makes the show discussion much more difficult to find. I see SN 786 was mis-filed the same way – it’s not in the “Security Now” sub-folder. No show discussions should be in the top-level “TWiT Shows” folder, right?

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The iOS Today #518 discussion is also misfiled in the tree.

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Just fixed both. :blush: I have the power! :grin:


Thanks. There appears to be a problem in the workflow. TWiG #579 and WW #692 were recently posted; both were misfiled. AFAICT, no episode should ever be filed in the top-level “TWiT Shows” folder.


Yeah it seems there are a ton of them misfiled. I was going to take some time and fix them but then I realized that I no longer have regular again for whatever reason. Ah well someone else will have to fix them.

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@Leo’s bot doesn’t categorize the shows when it creates an entry for them with “Just Posted: {episode title}”. Someone has to go and manually tweak three things: remove the Just Posted and change the show name to the “acronym” version, so Tech News Weekly becomes TNW, set the correct show category, and tag the show with “episode”. I used to do this daily, but I haven’t been doing it for a while for reasons. Also for the HOT episodes I usually add the episode # to the title because it’s not normally there, and for the weekend radio shows, they have a different naming format that involves the day of week and date.

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The Zapier script I use to post new shows here can’t set the category. If it says “Just Posted” at the beginning it has not yet been manually edited. It will be eventually.

I periodically come in and search for Just Posted in the title and replace the Just Posted and full-show name with the canonical abbreviation. I also put it in the proper show category and tag it with episode.

If I miss one or get behind (which happens) most of you can fix it up, too. Just press the pencil icon next to the show name.