TWiT Live feed on "Live TV" on Plex

I’ve been enjoying TWiT since the mid 2000s, and Leo Laporte since 1998 on ZDTV and, later, TechTV.

I’d love to see TWiT’s live feed added to “Live TV” on Plex. Ideally, without geographic restrictions. I moved from the US to Western Europe, many years ago.

On Plex, I used to have the TWiT plugin, but Plex has discontinued plugins several years ago.

Is it possible to get TWiT’s live feed added to Plex?


A live feed is not a podcast. A podcast is a listing of already completed and packaged content, whereas the live feed is never packaged or finalized. Unless Plex has some non-podcast (i.e. non-subscription) way to define content, it’s unlikely to be possible if Plex doesn’t support it already. You can watch the live feed on YouTube and TWITCH if either of those are available inside Plex.

But if you go to, something is always streaming, correct?

I think what @imbibed is asking is if that stream could be put on Plex’s new Live TV service. I don’t quite get why they call it Live TV, it’s more reruns and random shows you’ve mostly never heard of packaged as stations, but it’s not on demand, it functions as Live TV. I guess the couple news stations are more or less live, but still.

I think that would be a good fit. I wonder how ads would be handled, since Live TV on Plex is supported by ads, as well as the ads supporting TWiT.

Actually Plex does have some broadcast channels that are not clipped but because they are small or not carried yet they may not have secured ad deals.

FWIW I like Plex’s lineup since it does not conform to traditional standards and as far as I can tell completely open and transparent worldwide. Adding TWiT to their channel lineup would be trivial and most likely relevant to their audience.

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“I think what @imbibed is asking is if that stream could be put on Plex’s new Live TV service.”


Plex has a non-podcast way to define content. It’s called Live TV.

Sorry… Typical Plex BS they have re-re-re-re-branded this. I have lost contact with the fact that now they are content provider… for many years when they pushed “Live TV” at me it mean I could get a DVR Tuner and an antenna and it would work like a PVR. Apparently that never worked out well for them, so now they’re pushing other people’s content and inserting ads.

They used to have a podcast feature, which was what I thought you were referring to. TWiT was available on that, at least at one time. It’s too hard to keep up with their BS changes… I never bought into Plex because I expected content from them… it was supposed to be a way for me to manage my OWN content.

I don’t think that’s true, it’s not a rebranding of anything.

Plex has a still has a Live TV/DVR, where you add your own antenna/tuner and can record content to your library, and even cut commercials. I wouldn’t say that it never worked out for them. It’s been a fine addition, but I would imagine costly to maintain given all the moving parts involved.

On top of that, Plex has been adding their own content on clients. Podcasts, News, Web Shows, On Demand Movies & TV (including Crackle content), and Live TV stations (not local OTA), many of which are ad supported as a way I hope of diversifying their income stream and sustaining the product. TWiT is still available as a podcast and Web show. The Plex provided content is easily turned off on the clients. That may not have been the case early on, but the devs did listen to their users and made it easier to do so.

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Agreed, “BS” bit of a harsh assessment imho. They do need to get their naming conventions aligned though. The DVR/broadcast feature had been great since they introduced a grid guide. I get all my local sports through it.

I suspect they finally ran afoul of one or more of the big media companies and rolled these ad-supported features out in some sort of an appeasement agreement. Based on their blog entry about the feature, it seems like they’re handling the programming themselves, and inserting their own ads. I’m not sure how well that would gel with TWiT’s live feed.

Suppose it couldn’t hurt to throw a feature request on their forums for it though.

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I’m quite happily using Plex for life TV & DVR plus hosting my own libraries etc.

If you have a device that runs plex then it probably runs another app that will be able to watch TwiT (youtube being the most common probably) so while handy, it probably wouldn’t be too high up my wish list.

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