Getting TWiT Video Shows into Plex Library

Howdy Folks. I love watching the TWiT video shows, and I’m also a Plex user. I’ve looked hard to see if there is an automated way to get TWiT shows into Plex automatically and found nothing, so wondering if anyone has anything figured out to do this.


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Does this not work? Podcasts | Plex

otherwise does @PDelahanty have any feedback?

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Thx for the resource

Sorry, I’m not a Plex user, so I don’t know.
…but I know there are some TWiT fans who use Plex, so hopefully someone will share their knowledge here.

I’ve seen TWiT shows show up automatically, but I’ve not tried subscribing via plex, yet.

I believe that the Plex podcast implementation is audio only an the OP is looking for the video versions. Audio works like any other podcatcher and you can subscribe to get all new episodes.

If there was an automated way to download the video files then Plex might detect them and allow you to watch them but not sure how well it will index them.

If there is a podcatcher for whichever platform you run your Plex server on n then possibly subscribing with that to the video versions and then add a new Plex library mapped to the podcatcher’s media folder might work.


That should do the trick.