A word about video podcast feeds

FYI: TWiT’s newest shows, Hands-On Android and Hands-On iOS, are ONLY available in “Audio” and “Video” feeds. (“Video” was previously known as “Video HD”.) There are no “Video LO” or “Video HI” feeds for these shows.

I’d you’re subscribed to our “All TWiT.tv Shows” feed with either “Video LO” or “Video HI”, you’re currently not seeing episodes from those shows. (Our next two new shows that have yet to be announced will also just have one audio and one video feed each.)

In the very near future, we will be discontinuing the “Video LO” and “Video HI” feeds for both “All TWiT.tv Shows” AND “Radio Leo”. These feeds will both redirect to the “Video HD” feed (which will be renamed “Video” at that time.) If you’re still subscribed to “Video LO” or “Video HI”, you’ll start getting the “Video HD” feed instead. If bandwidth is a big concern for you, you may want to change your subscription to “Audio”.


While I can’t say I blame TWiT, I do wish there was some infrastructure within the RSS subscription functionalities to downsample like on Twitch or YouTube without separate feeds. Matthew Cassinelli mentioned on Smart Tech Today 17 @ ~01:10:00 a wish for a way to jump to the video version from audio (obviously different for several reasons than simply hiding a video version), but again that wouldn’t be within TWiT’s purview, really.

On my somewhat anaemic connection HD video’s gonna be pretty painful, but I really enjoy seeing the demos and conversation so will just exercise patience, I think. :innocent:

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