TWIT 973: The Inverted Goldilocks Zone

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I think Steve Mnuchin is right to be dismissive of the importance of the recommendation algorithm behind TikTok.

People place value on The Algorithm :tm: in these products for two reasons:

a) because it’s a tangible, single thing that’s super easy to dangle in front of investors
b) it makes the C-level suits seem like highly valuable technical geniuses for having crafting a highly advanced mathematical formula (because normals don’t know that an Algorithm is merely a set of instructions).

It’s harder to explain to investors that the value of TikTok (or any other social platform) is it’s critical mass and momentum rather than some mystical algorithm that must be protected at all costs. From a C-level’s perspective, it also neuters their contribution to the success of the platform.

Really enjoyed the deep dive on storage tech with Allyn! Still have my Optane 900p from 2017 as the OS disk on my main rig. That random r/w still beats the pants off any SSD on the market today. Was absolutely crestfallen when Intel gave up on Optane.

I believe Doc Rock was thinking of the Sony Glasstron. This thing was WILD in 2002 when everyone still had 27" CRT televisions. My dad brought one home from work and I must have spent a solid month with that thing burning my retinas, plugged into my N64.