TWIT 779: No Future for Green Pants

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@Leo TikTok also raises concerns about what content is allowed, and what content is promoted algorithmically. I’m not a user myself, but my understanding is that you wouldn’t have seen any mention of Tiananmen Square last month on the 30th anniversary of those protests. I don’t imagine you’ll see any Winnie the Pooh / Xi Jingping mashups either. And is it possible that the CCP could put their thumb on the scale to influence the algorithm, perhaps pushing pro-China or pro-Party content, or to push content that stirs conflict and divisiveness in the US or other countries?
I think a lot of folks assumed that the global internet would create a free flow of information that would bring the ideals of the pro-democracy West into China, but it may be that the CCP has effectively reversed that and used its market size and manufacturing power to reverse that and become a net exporter of their own brand of totalitarianism.

Time to rename this show “This Week in Like”, There are intelligent guests with worthwhile contributions but when every other word is “like” I cannot listen. I know this is generational. Those in my generation (= Jeff Jarvis’s) are deaf to all the "um"s, "you know"s, and "I mean"s in our own speech and our children are deaf to “like”. Nevertheless I cannot bridge the generational gap and this edition was a “like” too far.

Best Twit show for ages! Reminds of the episodes of years gone by. Heaps of balanced, smart relevant commentary on the weeks events. :ok_hand: